Pre Mid Life Crisis???

Previously looking back on my life I've never felt like I had any regrets. I was doing what I wanted: hanging out with friends& my boyfriend, having fun, practicing my hobbies(painting, drawing, reading, hiking etc), living on my own since 18 so lots of part time jobs and working, going out dancing, traveling to Europe for two months with my boyfriend.... There was never anything I felt I would need to change or regret.

But still, being 3 years away from 30, is making me feel as if I am having some sort of quarter(ish) life crisis. A practice round for the mid life crisis?

Why haven't I focused on my career in any way?
Why did I keep dropping out of college?
Why don't I have my driver license yet?
Why am I still working retail where my manager and all my coworkers are younger then me?
...I feel like a loser. 
Honestly I guess the last point is the one that bothers me most. Working at a mall at a yoga/ casual athletic wear store where I am the oldest and newest employee. I am 27 turning 28 and selling people yoga pants.

So I guess the big questions for being 27/28 are "What do I do with the rest of my life?" and "What have I been doing with my life?".

Any one out there feel the same way?

Also is working in retail that lame/pitiful as a 27/28 years old? I just don't know anymore?!
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I'm 28, and feel almost the exact same way. Forever I have been looking at the trail I blazed behind me and realize that I went in many different directions, to find out which direction I should really go in...and I think the 28 yr old decisions are hit on the nose by what you have said. I remember being 25 years old making lattes and cappucinos while all the yuppies came smiling in their suits and brief cases....but everyones life is not the same you can not measure your life to someone elses. age 28 is not exactly young or old, it is the perfect age for anything. you can move like a teenager, but think like an adult. you can play video games all day or prepare yourself for all the things you plan on doing in your 30's. I plan on doing things to prepare myself for the next 10 yr period of my life. i have yet married or had children. i have been proposed to and have declined. its like im older than i really am enjoying the youth of this lifetime. 28 is like adult puberty. if you haven't started at 18 you start at 28. lol

I am going thru the same - My fellow workers are all younger to me - by atleast 10 years - but I blend it -I have never realized my age when I am with them.<br />
I have taken up some external activities as well, like working in a community, or planting saplings which will turn into Oak trees, and teaching kids in a economically backward neighborhood- I get rejuvanated over the weekend when I do those - and I am back to work on Monday :)

Yes I agree, when I am with people I also no longer notice the age gap. Age is so subjective. Maybe I need to take up some more social hobbies like you to feel recharged!

Life is far from a Science...rather it is an ex<x>pression of Art...<br />
No one system is perfect...other then for the expressive individual<br />
Living is left up to you, to creatively fill that void with what seems to fit You...<br />
The Self<br />
your timeline is work in progress, i give you full authority to do what you feel is best for you...what feel right for you...and only you<br />
Here is your on in life<br />
P.s. Never second guess what you see in the rear view mirrors<br />
for ob<x>jects appear farther then they are....<br />
Focus ahead instead!

What beautiful advice thank you. Your right focus on whats ahead, never look back unless it makes you smile :). (The part about the rear view mirror reminded me of that chase scene with the Trex in Jurassic park, its so true though)

Once upon seeing where you truly are you can make a change if you wish!

Thanks! I do wish for a change. I think that maybe its has even helped me just by putting what I was feeling out there to the void.