Brace For Impact

On Monday, I will be 29. Screw the lame birthday history over the past ten years. I'm going to find a way to do something intersting and neat...maybe nerdy. Most likely nerdy. I wish my EP friends were closer. I'd love to take you out with me somewhere. Birthdays are like Christmas in the idea that I want others to have something to take home with them, I want them to have a great time. That makes me really happy. There's this really cool bowling alley with an arcade, a big bar, several pool tables, and a restaurant. It's set up pretty nice so you could spend a good deal of time and still not do everything there. Or even spend time in the cultural areas, bringing some good food home, shopping a bit. I miss those days where you could just ring up your friends, just hang out together and be silly all day. I still haven't seen Avatar and it is getting to the point of where it's going to be like when I finally saw Titanic. Hee hee hee. Fun! Still better with a big rowdy group. Then again, I am looking forward towards being older and retired...because I'm going to be one of those carefree memaws that are definite left of center. That'll be me...honking my musical RV horn. : D

Tekkamaki Tekkamaki
6 Responses Feb 20, 2010

I hope you enjoyed it. :)

I hope you enjoyed it. :)

Oh yes! Cookies will be excellent!

Ah man, I don't even have enough points to send a proper cake your way! Will birthday cookies do? Hehe, of course they will :D And I only ate one, I swear ;) Hope you have a great day!!!

Yeah! I think it's going to be leaning towards something with the kids. Maybe the dogs. My dog has her big appt. that day. I'm pretty nervous about it. I'll probably be spoiling her a LOT after. Or at home with something low key. Like having a glass of wine in the backyard, watching the stars. I don't know yet. I'm just going to go with it, I think.

You can still plan something fun to do ;)