Wannabe 300 Pounds

I have been looking for people who are 300 pounds and what their experience with that is like. So just found this group. 300 pounds is my goal so i will be looking for info on this :) xox
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I'm 300 pounds!

Hell I am 300 pounds with a 2 inch **** but I am a great santa claus

I originally joined these fat fetish groups and posted my comments based on my wishes. Due to trying to take care of my health, it seems the best decision i can make is to lose weight as i have been doing. I will always have this fetish and desire but not at the expense of my health which is more precious. So i continue to read with glee all who post on this subject and wish you well and good health also. xoxoxoxo hapi :)

Thanks! :)

You're welcome dear :-)

:) You're the greatest!

I think that sometimes genetics plays a part in how easily you gain weight. Over the past year I have grown from 200lbs to 255lbs while actually trying to diet! I've decided to give up dieting and just eat normally so expect that in another 12 months I will have gone well beyond 300lbs.

sounds good solaquin :) I hope you do and let us know how it's going! That is funny that you were trying to diet and gained anyway.. I saw a documentary about weight loss and she was trying to lose but eating too much food and so gaining instead of losing .. even though the food was healthier .. lmao :)

It's healthier fat! ;)

That's great solaquin!

I am 430 pounds at 6'1'' (182.5 cm) I'm a very big girl :3

Very nice FattyNatty. I think since you are so tall it must look good on you!

I agree!

Hmmm i have changed my mind on my weight gain. I thought since it is so easy to lose up to 20 pounds or so when you get sick with a bad cold or flu that 25 pounds would be good to gain up from the 300 pounds. Thinking more about it .. after trying to reach 300 pounds for sooooo long, i don't ever want to go below that once i reach 300 pounds so i'm thinking i need to be 350 for some extra fat insurance so i can be sure to never go below 300 pounds again :) Does that sound about right? So now with this new goal i have some 80 something pounds to go. Sounds like a million miles away. I have added some Ensure plus shakes and x4 saw palmetto capsules daily and that seems to be helping with more weight gain. Struggling to get back up to 270 again short term. But with this new gaining plan i have had 3 gains in May - 5/1/11=261.1; 5/3/11=262.3 and 5/9/11=264.8 so the Ensure and saw palmetto are definately helping me gain. I do of course wish it was much more but i'm trying. Since i must be careful with carbs i have to concentrate on monosaturated fats also for weight gain. Like olive oil, nuts, seeds, can't remember the whole list at the moment. There are articles online i've been reading though about diabetic weight gain and how to do it in a healthy way. Wish me luck :) xoxoxox love you my friends :) xoxoxxoxoxox

I want to be that too

Hmmmm i'm diabetic so kind of afraid to mess around with gainer shakes .. the instant breakfast and icecream and soy milk sounds kind of interesting or whole milk like CC said maybe that could work. Chocolate soy milk i like the best hmmm :) thx Cleve and CC and happy new year :) xoxxoxoxox I wouldn't mind gaining too fast those last pounds of my goal, that would be cool. Cleve tell Fem good job! I bet she's even cuter :) xox love to you both

I'll bet you'll keep going too. I don't like setting goals --I just eat and see and what happens.<br />
<br />
There are lots of things you can put in gainer shakes. I don't use them because they make me gain TOO FAST and I want to savor it. Gaining Goddess mixed Carnation Instant Breakfast, cream, premium ice cream, and soy milk. You can use whatever you like as long as it is stuff you like. You can add candy to make Blizzard-like shakes --potent stuff. My girlfriend fem6465 takes at least one every day. She is up to 160 after starting at just 122.

hmmmm fatlovinguy - it is a nice thought, i wonder ...

You could add some cheesecake and coffee before bed; eggnog in your coffee and during the day; sour cream on your baked potatoes; extra dressing on your salads. If you don't have any health problems and you can eat lots of carbs, that should work too. <br />
<br />
You will have to ask CleveBHM about the weight gain shakes, he has some experience with them.

Salads become unhealthy from dressing...so easy to do that!

how well do gainer shakes work do they help pack on weight, if so how much weight over how much time.

ive been eating a lot of spaghetti,pizza,soda, ice cream it get to abou 257 or so but cant get past 260 my; goal is 300 as well but dont think ill ever get there

Did you try eating at bedtime and adding the saw palmetto to your diet?

So i have had a little more progress in my gaining and now i am 270 pounds :) My limit is 325 pounds to i will be steadily working toward that. Any PMs of encouragement will be appreciated :) I've been enjoying reading the posts of my fellow fat lovers, all of you guys rock :) much love :)

Ahhh i long for those fatter days of 2010. If i get a horrible cold i am likely to lose 20 pounds or more so my new goal is 350 pounds. I have been losing and gaining over time and now i'm 258 and trying to gain more. Once i reach my fat girl stage i'm not gonna let her go :)

As you shouldn't ....I'm never gonna let go of my fat guy. lol

Ahh yes, the lunch buffets are the way to go indeed :)

i too can't eat food late at night. it causes me too have indigestion the next morning but if you can handle it eating before bed is a great way to gain weight. i'm a light weight here at 225. oh well just need to work on my elbow exercizes more (fork to pplate to mouth).

For what it's worth, I never eat within 2 hours of bedtime because I feel uncomfortable or get reflux. I prefer lunch buffets --I have more time to digest my massive meal and there are more options too because many places like Pizza Hut and Indian restaurants only have buffets at lunchtime. You need to be able to take long lunches though! Fem6465 clocks out of work and joins me!

hey joe, have you tried eating something at bedtime? The only way i seem to gain anything significant is going out to eat with someone. Otherwise i gain slowly, very slowly. I'm stuck at 263 right now .. lol .. so good luck.

i weigh 250 and want to be 300 but cant get past 260 any ideas.

You have made really good progress Cleve :) I'm glad you have a partner to help you with it. Makes it more fun eh? lolol :)

I started my gaining journey at 220. I blew by 300 fairly quickly, thanks to online encouragers and feeders mostly. Now I am up to 383 thanks my adoring female feeder girlfriend, who is giving me a belly massage as I type this! We just had footlong subs, cookies, and gainer shakes.

Its been a while now Cleve you've been 383 have you made it to 400 pounds yet? How about sweet Fem? What is her weight now ?

Hi kittensoft - No offense taken sweetie. It just feels good. I don't weigh that yet but am not far from it. Like many others on here who have had this fetish since childhood, it is just part of us. Those who don't have it don't seem to understand all that goes along with it. Uncomfortable, not really. I can carry weight without looking superrrr obese. I'm healthy and i do exercise and do lots of healthy stufff. Thank you for being concerned. I love you xoxoxoxxo :)

Thank you Willie. You are an inspiration. I always enjoy reading your posts and listening to your progress. You are a great positive person and you are doing all the right things. I wish you had a photo album from 300 pounds up to your current weight :)

I agree fattygalore. I think you are very beautiful. The weight looks fantastic on you. I will be interested to see the difference in you by comparing 336 pounds and 400 pounds. Yes good things come in short packages :) hahaha xox phat

I hope you make your weight and enjoy it well. I know when I hit 300 that was a big milestone for me. That started a year when I gained 60 pounds more. At that point I knew I was well on my way to more. My next milestone was 400, which I reached not too long after I took a cruise for 10 days and put on over 10 pounds. The last year or so I have continued to gain and reached 500 after my last cruise vacation. I love the feeling of being large. I hope you are successful.

oh! blush.. thanks publius! :)

Gained another 3 pounds so 268 pounds now :) yayyyy :)

Very nice Expanda2002 :) Yes i agree with you. I have been thinking that 200 pounds is like a minimum weight a person should be. I am much happier with my body and how good it feels now too. I do yard work for my exercise, along with house work :) Great ... let me know how it goes with you. Happy walking :)

I'm around 274 right now. My long term goal is 300+. I feel more alive now than I did at 200lbs. I still keep fit by lots of walking.

thanks hughogan :) i'm workin on it :)

Hi Hugs :) Still a dream.. you know that song Dream On.. dream until your dreams come true? Ok just listen to that song.. and they will :) You have a lot of creative visualization goin on so you can do it ! You have taught me a few things ! :) xox phat

puck61 - 230 huh? mm hmm you are a lightweight .. lllolol :) looks good on you though... :)

thanks biggzz - sounds like you had fun at that weight. I guess you feel like 400 is even better? How's that goin? :)

230 I'm a light weight!............but I'm only four foot tall. Ha ha ha ha etc..

Still a dream. I would like to make it a lifestyle, though.

Hold that dream huggies :) I wish you all the best in gaining all the weight you want to gain.

324 all i can say is go for it!

324 hughogan... great! Thanks i'm trying to steadily gain :) I'm going to try for 350 pounds. Then i think my inner fat girl will be free :)

Awesome! May you reach 400 pounds some day!

Hi Doc :) You are slim by choice or by metabolism? Yes i know you like those numbers :) and even bigger numbers :)

Great to hear. I'm tall and slim, always have been and will be, but I love hearing about ladies with numbers like that.