Born In Hell !

 Do you believe in heaven and hell ? Where was Lucifer thrown to from heaven ? Into hell to rule over the Earth. We are born in sin because our purpose in life is to learn unconditional love. "GOD'S LOVE" Are you lost yet ? I'm sorry I don't articulate very well. I believe we choose to live life in physical form in order to uderstand emotions. Without hate you cannot have love , therefore this world ran by Lucifer is filled with Hate,Pain,Misery,Sorrow,and Loss. Ergo the Earth is Hell. Now please don't get me wrong there is much to love on this planet ,but without the negetive how would you know what to love. Unconditional Love is accepting life no matter what it be ,and how can we love something that is evil ? By understanding it , and we understand by experience. This is where the seven deadly sins come into play.  We each have a dominate one that controls our life and once we conqer it we are able to understand that aspect of evil. This alows us to understand where another may be coming from , therefore inableing us to forgive another for a wrongfull act. Forgiveness is a key to love. To unconditionaly love all one must conqer all seven deadly sins. This takes many lives to acomplish. Once this is acomplished we may move on to a higher plane , and be reborn to a better planet. I feel alone here because I have yet to meet anyone who understands this. My experience comes from living life and watching people listening to them ,and feeling the power of a higher force. That is all for now.

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If there is anyone out there who feels my pain please comment I would love to hear from you.