Someday? Or Any Day Now!

 After my birthday last year I decided to drop the 'someday' off of the end of my sentences.  I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle...someday.  I want to get my Masters degree...someday.  I want to be involved in a big charity event...someday.  I want another tattoo...someday.  

As an old deadhead I still have been living some of my life in the past.  Still haven't gotten over Jerry's death!  But I am starting to realize that there is life left to live.  I've gotten tired of waiting for others to help me make things happen.  Especially my husband.  He is a homebody.  He's a wonderful father to our two boys.  but sometimes I wonder what he's going to do when they don't need him anymore.  I stopped waiting for him to take me out, to do things.  I want to do it, I do it now.  

I've realized that someday is now.  I've taken that word out of my vocabulary.  I am doing a major 3 day breast cancer walk in October.  I will be getting my new tattoo in April.  I will be finished my masters in Dec.  As for my motorcycle...any day now!


cassidyrose cassidyrose
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3 Responses Mar 29, 2008

AEIOU makes it so hard to comment seriously. But, I think this is a fabulous outlook on life. I would like to try it -I avoided saying, someday :-)

A helmet is a definite necessity. My brain has already suffered enough damage!

The only thing to worry about is how many bones I might break! things don't heal as fast anymore!