36and Hapy Not Ever Worrying Bout If My Husband Is Cheating

hello anybody,I am 36years old and my life is I dont know. I am married with kids. Only 1 at home 5months old the other 3 are grown and on thier own.Sometimes im happy and sometimes im sad but most days im average.I know my husband loves me but sometimes I wonder. Im at a point in life where I dont even care if he cheats. Im not the type to stalk or ask a lot of questions about who,what,when,and where or why. People ask me all the time what would I do if I found out my husband was cheating on me and I always say noyhing not a damn thing cause if hes cheating its becauase he wants to duh!!!.im beautiful im strong and i know how to love really good.So I will leave him wish him nothing but the best in life and continue to live my life.I know for a fact that God loves me unconditionally and thats all I need to know.So ladies stop wasting time worrying if yo man is cheating if he is so be it your life isnt over.When u know who u are in christ nothing else matters and your feelings cant be hurt trust me I know.    
wba1xlea wba1xlea
May 11, 2012