I Didn't Think That There Was A Group With An Exact Age.


I am new here and I am 36 years old. I turned 36 in October and I am still single, never married, and no kids. And I still live with mom and dad because I don't have the money to move out, and rent is expensive. And I have no friends to room with either.

Since I don't like to put pictures of me online, I should mention that I look ten years younger. And I am female.

But I know that this is a group for people who are the same age as me, and I would like to make friends here. I would like to meet that special someone, but I am currently going back to school and want to focus on that.

Well, the good news about going back to school, is that I am not the only one who is over 30 in my group of Massage Therapy students. However, I do notice one thing with the 20 somethings that I don't think happens to us at all. All the 20 somethings are more interested in texting and looking at their web phones than school.

For me, I remember when I first got introduced to text messaging, I had a problems with how to send it out and I take too long to text (I write 50 wpm on a computer). And I don't understand some of the acronyms that text messaging on a phone or a computer does. All I know is LOL. And I would rather email someone than text message someone. Besides, I hate it whenever I want to look up something on the web, and get a text message every five seconds.

I've also noticed that my brother, who is in his forties and used to be into technology, prefers the classic Ipods for the fact that you can attach a mic to them.

Now, I am going to wait and see how some of the 20 somethings with their twittering thumbs will feel like when they get into their thirties and forties, and they cannot keep up with the newest technology.

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Yes, I am a year older now.

Xeros,<br />
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Thanks for your comments.<br />
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I do have to tell you that technology changes everyday and not everybody can keep up with it. For myself, I remember when Atari and Commodore 64 first came out and I was playing video games with my brother. Now video games are more complex in story line and intensity than they were in the 80s. The last video game that I played was "The Sims" (The original) years ago. Nowadays, I will probably play at least something like Solitaire or Tetris or Bejewelled. Otherwise, games that are not too complicated.<br />
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What I was meaning by the last remark about the 20-somethings not adapting to new technology when they are in their 30s and 40s, well there will be some of them that cannot keep up with whatever the younger generation is into.<br />
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An example of what I mean is text messaging. I think that I was in my early 30s when that got introduced. Now I am a fast typer when it comes to the computer. But I found that typing on the cell phone more time consuming. So I gave that up. I also find text messaging on the internet (computer) annoying and distracting to me. Whereas someone ten years younger than me doesn't mind it at all and multi-tasks between texting, emails, facebook, researching, and eating at the same time.<br />
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As for acronyms, I remember when I first got accepted into University, grammar was one of my weaknesses that I have to do well on. They grilled me on how important grammar is in University.<br />
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Grammar is still my weakness. However, my problem is when I see guys on a dating site use acronyms or bad spelling that makes me think that they are not educated. And by the way, I don't mean 20-somethings in this case, but 30-somethings as well.

It's nice to meet you Midnight. I know it's a little late to be posting on this, but I just came across it, and thought I'd throw my two cents at you. I know a lot of people who still live with their parents at ever increasing ages. It seems to be a growing trend. I'm glad you're going to school, it's good to have goals. It also makes the parents feel better when you're trying to better your situation so you can move out at some point. <br />
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I can definitely feel you as far as putting pictures of yourself online. It's impossible to get them back once they're out there.<br />
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You are absolutely right about the twenty somethings. I see them playing with their phones constantly. The youth today (I'm 24) tends to be more scatter-brained. I theorize that it's a result of information overload. There is just so much information and stimulus out there that it's hard to focus when there is just one thing demanding your attention. If the internet ever goes down for some reason on a global scale, the current generation is screwed beyond imagining. They just wouldn't be able to survive. We would be thrown back into the stone age. It's a bit depressing how much we rely on these tech devices these days.<br />
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As far as how they will react down the road, I don't know about your theory on them not being able to adapt. History shows that the elderly has a rough time adapting to new technologies, but I don't know. I'll reserve judgment on this subject until I either get more information or something changes.<br />
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This was a nice post Midnight. I hope you do well in school and can find a good job.