I am 46 years old and my story begins 40.5 years ago!

Dad had worked for the city utilities in KC, MO before going to the alcohol rehab center, which is where he should have been on December 3, 1966.  Perhaps if ha had been my story would have turned out different. His income was adequate to support his family, however for many years Mom contributed to the family finances by selling the only commodity shad, herself. I do not know how Dad found out about Mom, Jim and us girls, but it was obvious that fateful day that he had planned what he would do.

Mom, Connie and I were staying in a hotel in KC, MO that was operated by a man named Jim whose father owned the hotel, on the awful evening of 12/3/1966. These are the memories of how that evening unfolded.

Mom was taking us to see our Dad who was waiting for us downstairs in the hotel lobby. We had to take an old elevator that smelled of a mix of metal and cigarette smoke, and dimly lit. Back then you got on then told an operator which floor you wanted, so that's what we did! Mom was holding little sister Connie who was 3.5 years, and was chatting with the elevator operator. I was squeezing mom's hand, as I was only 5.5 years and terrified of the ride down. I saw the floors passing, heard the gears clanking and banging, it jerked with each clank and bang. I was relieved when we reached the lobby.

When the doors opened, the smell of food from the cafe was tantalizing, even though we had all ready been fed our supper. To the immediate right of the elevator as you got off was pop machine. The elevator operator bought Connie an me a pop each. Connie promptly dropped hers and of course it broke, sending glass and pop everywhere. Mom yelled at Connie for being so clumsy. Connie was bawling and wanting another pop. The elevator operator had been watching this and chuckled.

I scurried to meet my Daddy. In the lobby he was sitting a dingy gold colored swivel/easy chair facing the clerk's desk. The clerk (Jim) was acting busy behind the desk, but it was just nervous energy. Daddy greeted us without getting up. He asked, "How's my Sunshine?" I replied, "Her be peachy soon as her in your lap!" He let out a hardy belly laugh while his Sunshine was settling into his lap.

Meantime, Mom and Jim exchanged a few anxious words, and Connie was sill fussing about her broken pop bottle. Daddy seemed happy to see us yet the mood felt serious. His jaws were slightly set and when he was not speaking his lips were pursed loosely. Mom was very fidgety. Sure enough Mom, Daddy and Jim began discussing adult things. Daddy asks, "What's this I hear 'bout you (Jim) touchin' my little girls?" Mom asserted, "I told you (Dad) I took care of that and he promised it wouldn't happen no more." Jim interrupted, "Yeah, I don't make dead promises. I made a mistake, man, and I'm sorry. It won't happen again..."

Aware that his Sunshine was still on his lap he asked, "Hey Sunshine, isn't there something on TV you like?" Mom replied, "I think it's 'bout time for "Daniel Boone". You love that show! Take Connie with you." Connie did not come with me and I didn't say anything as I thought, "I ain't the boss here." I went on to the TV room to watch my beloved show by myself! Only a half wall separated the TV room from the lobby. So I was able to see and hear what was going on between the adults. I settled down to watch the show, but was still listening to the adult conversation; it wasn't hard, as now the chitchat had escalated to a heated argument.

Daddy was visibly and audibly very angry at Mom and Jim for our 'situation' at the hotel. Being familiar with what was happening in the lobby, I knew it was time to find Connie and head for safety, I had no idea that things were going to escalate faster and worse than I had ever seen before. I only had time

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Damn, I am proud you are still alive (I was suicidal after a similar experience) and that you are able to tell about it even to that exptent. I feel for you and I am proud you are a strong person.<br />
Always remember your inner beauty can not be measured.<br />
Pass the LOVE, it's all we've got.