Not Sure What To Do

Don't know where to start.....well. 44 and I leaving with my partner for the last past 5yrs and he is 29now..we have ups and downs but recently just find it out he is by sexual,he had strong feelings for am other man...was hurtful but I said gour young try:...we where a part for 2weeks,thought never see him again,then he was saying was a mistake he never did anything besides cuddling.....can't believe him,I want to but just can't look at him like I did before,its scares me because now he is the one try to fix us and I'm the one not really care anymore the damage is down....where you go from here????????
hildi hildi
41-45, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

The fact that you too took a 2 week break was your thing !!! no blame no falting the boyfriend . Now my X-wife new I wore panties and was Bi-sexaul and she didnt care!!! we have 2 beautiful girls togeather but our marrige didnt last ! <br />
And now I dress fem 24/7 skirts & dresses I perfer and my New love of my life She is accepting of my clothing choices and she knowen that Iam Bi-sexaul and I do like men & have been with other men before my first marrige and as i told her that I am with her & only her till we deside not to be togeather !...... Men I have always loved and I will always will .... But when I am with my GF or BF I Dont stray from the one Iam with !!!! That Is me...!!!