OLDER Men Wearing Womens Dresses and P[anties











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I'm 57 and I wear panties or thongs all the time. I'm married and my wife approves. I also like to paint my toenails and fingers which she also approves of. I would like to find other guys near me that like the same. I also like to go get a pedicure & have them paint my nails. olderguy4.mail.com

Hi I am 51 and also have this desire like you. I like wearing my teen daughter panties, bra and her clothes. I feel sexually aroused after wearing them. I also like wearing panties and pantyhose at home or going out. Don worry we share something in common.

I can't believe you can fit into your teen daughters panties with out stretching them or ripping them, but have fun if you can do it. I hope she never catches you doing it, that would be a bad day for sure.

I am 66 and have been wearing panties for over 40 years and love it, no shame at all,Don't feel ashamed, I'm married and I love womens lingerie and clothes and have quite a wardrobe that I have to keep hidden. It's simply part of who I am, I love shopping, dressing up, and feeling as femine as I can. In my male persona know one has any idea I'm CD. I discovered a couple of years ago that I wanted to experience the complete womens part in an intimate relationship and have taken another CD girlfriend who I get together with every few months and I really love that time together. I just last year started sucking **** and swallowing, I will never go back.

GOSH! I am only 66 and love wearing woman's clothes. Can't believe so many guys out there do it as well! <br />
Thought it was just me.<br />
Love to chat and all that.<br />
I don't have a girl name! for now, Annie.

I'm 87 and have been wearing panties since I was 13. Can anyone top that?ease reply with authenticity, support, and respect

I too wear bra, panties and petticoats everyday under my dresses. do what feel good to you and enjoy it.

nothing to be ashamed about . i am 60 now and have been wearing knickers / thongs / girdles last 12 yrs

yes i too wear women panties and bra dress i love my bra and panties i buy them myself i have a store that i go to the sale lady help me pick them out tell me try them on and show her how i look in them one she hand me a black lace thong panties i put them on she came in the change room hand me a black push up bra help me put it on yes she said you look good in them ithank her i went to put my cothes back on when she stop me no you cant wear them i want you to wear this she hand me a white blouse and awhite short dress i put it on she help me zip up the dress now that look lovey on you now come with me i look in the mirror i look like a women she told me i was her new sale girl i been her girl now for two years and i love it

So where r u situated? Like to meet such a friend.

Don't be ashamed and don't describe it as a "problem". I often wear skirts and dresses in public, although I don't try to pass as a woman. There is a difference, and different people do it different ways. Whatever you decide is fine for you; women have been wearing pants for 40 odd years now, its time we men pressed for "equal rights" in that area.

Do Not be asamed ! I am 70+ and wear pantys proudly. I do wear kilts and would love to openly wear skirts. Skirts are much more comfortable than trowsers where we have to stuff our package down into one leg or the other.

Don't feel ashamed, I'm married and I love womens lingerie and clothes and have quite a wardrobe that I have to keep hidden. It's simply part of who I am, I love shopping, dressing up, and feeling as femine as I can. In my male persona know one has any idea I'm CD. I discovered a couple of years ago that I wanted to experience the complete womens part in an intimate relationship and have taken another CD girlfriend who I get together with every few months and I really love that time together. Debbie

Ther is nothing wrong with your desire, I have beeen wearing panties for over 40 years now 24/7. I also enjoy dressing as a complete woman, try it you will really enjoy it. There is nothing that will ever change me.

I love dressing up like a women and wouldn't want to change myself, just enjoy it.

Hi Constance wish I was friends with you because I wear women's bikini's 24/7 because they work so much better than boxers.


I find nothing wrong with wearing womans clothes, I find myself going to Potters Road dressed as lady and sucking a **** or two when ever I can, I love it and so do the men I suck off.

I love the same thing. what is Potters road

I am 64 years old, and I love to wear womans clothing as well. I have even gone in pyblic dressed as a woman.

I am a straight 63 year old and wear a skirt around the house, driving and walking in places with few people and have never had any problems. I dont have the balls to go to the pub or shopping in a skirt but I find I am getting more confident and care less about the silliness of others. Some 8/9 years ago I had surgery for a waterworks problem and the recovery period was long and extemely painful. Pants just made things worse and wearing a skirt or dress was helpful and ever since then I have spent most of my time in a skirt. My wife has exactly the same opinion as me, i.e. whats the problem? women wear what they want why can't men?<br />
If you stop to think, women wear an infinite variety of clothing but men spend their entire lives wearing nothing else but variations of shirts and pants, there should be no reason why we cannot enjoy the same freedoms. I wear skirts, dresses and lingerie because they feel comfortable and have the added benefit of giving society the finger and seeing who is a bigot! Most of my friends, neighbours and relatives know and they are not bothered but occasionally have a gentle laugh at my expense. Whilst Britain has its bigots and thugs most people are not bothered about a bloke in skirt. The same goes for gays, race, religion and anything else that makes anybody 'different'. Reading the above posts and similar posts elswhere leads me to think that America is decades behind in social attitudes and I would not want to live there. Am I right? <br />
Britain has made many gains in social attitudes over the decades but we still need more progress on freedom to wear what we want and not be bound by some silly convention. <br />
<br />

Us older men have to stick together. Lets continue wearing panties, slips and bra's.<br />
I like wearing my bra on my riding mower, it supports my breast from bouncing up and down.

I have worn panties and nighties most of my life. I went on line and found a site where men posted about wearing womens underware. I found a guy that lived in my town and we agreed to meet and talk about crossdressing. We met and had a dress-up together and the sight of another man in panties caused me to become very aroused. Before I could stop, I did the thing I couldn't beleive. Yes I wend down on him and It was the most exciting thing I have ever done in my life. I love dressing up for other men and filling their desires. I also dress up in costumes that meet their desires. Cheerleaders, french maid etc. I don't feel that I'm gay but I do become a **** when I dress.

Wish I lived near you, do you live in mich.?

I have that same feeling of feeling sexy and aroused after dressing in my daughter clothes. However i am just 'borrowing' her clothes. What i really feel is that it would be so sexy to meet the guy's desire as a woman after wearing the women clothes

Hell !!! Yes !!! Wear your panties all you want . I'm 68 and wear panties every day now for the past year . all my life i wore panties on occasions. i prefer the microfibre best. but never cotten . i sometimes wear stockings and garter belts too. great feeling!!!!

I never thought there was so many others my age enjoying what I do.


I am a 90 year old man. I like to wear a sun dress with shoulder straps, knee length.<br />
My boobs fit in well without a bra. I wear Hanes panties. No wig, no makeup. usually no shoes. I wear these around my house (inside and out) but not in public downtown. I love to do this but am not sure the neighbors approve but they have not ob<x>jected.

A lot of comfortable folks here wearing what they like and not feeling ODD. Comment anyone!

count me in i like the rest of you guys enjoys wearing female clothing

I am 54 and wear nylon granny panties and dresses or skirts every day. I in no way consider this a problem. I feel much better about myself when wearing female attire!

I am 72 and have been wearing panties 24/7 for many, many years. I go to lady doctors so I wear my panties there also. Last week I went to my lady dermo and as usual, was just wearing panties (black lace Olga's) while she and her assistant examined me and treated me. I was more comfortable than if I had some special guy whities for such occasions,

I am 65. I have been retired for 3 years. I love the feeling of a nice dress and if I am hoome I am probably in one. When we go out I wear panties, but male clothes. My wife not only approves, but will occasionally buy me a dress. I told her about the feminine side of me when we first got married. She says that I am a more plesant person in a dress. We have been married 36 years.

As I sit here writting this, I am wearing nylon granny panties, a pretty padded bra with push up pads, a full nylon slip (a great deal of lace), and a shirtwaist dress. I dress like this every day and love it!

I love wearing panties and bras. On daily basis, I used to wear panties. My wife knows this, She used to bring panties for me. I also wear her dress and night gown, even saree which is in her knowledge. Sometimes, I wear bra and panty while sleeping till morning and enjoy sex with wife. Wearing panty during working times is more confortable than men's underwear.

Why is it that Any time we wear anything from a womans lingerie drawer, we get classified as "gay" or something. Yet Woman can wear ANYTHING out of our closet and Nothing is ever said? No woman has ever answered that question for me.... I wear panties and my ladyfriend is ok with it. She Loves when I wear my kilts. Yet I think if I ever put on a regular skirt she wouldn't like that very much. Go Figure...

i am over 70 male and love to wear bullet bra

yes i am over 70 and i love to wear a bullet bra

women who detest men in women's clothes rarely, if ever, touch on the subject of transgenderism. We are called gay, ******, queer, strange, disgusting, crossdressers, transvestites. I never read comments from women who understand transgenderism.<br />
<br />
I am an older man. I wore lingerie, nylons and skirt first at the age of 5 and ever since. I am not an entertainer, a crossdresser who get sexual satisfaction when wearing silks, satin and nylon, nor am I an ostentatious drag queen and I am not gay.<br />
<br />
In my heart and soul I believe I am a woman and want so much to be one, but cannot. I have many inner attributes of women: sensitivity, hatred of war and violence, hatred of so-called machos who beat their wives and kill their children yet call themselves "men", when actually they are cowards . . . I have the feminine ability to compromise, love children, soft, romantic music and I am very much a romantic.<br />
<br />
I am heterosexual, was married to the most wonderful woman in the world for nearly 40 years until she passed away suddenly a few years ago. I have two daughters and two grandsons.<br />
<br />
I lived with my feminine needs with shame and guilt and the utmost secrecy for nearly a lifetime, the latter because I had a successful career and needed to protect my family. Through those years the only person who knew about my need and want to be a woman was my wife. She supported me without reservation for we were madly in love, and believed that for true love to exist, we must accept each others's "differences" and weaknesses as well as strengths.<br />
<br />
I was a successful business man, yet under my designer suits I always wore lingerie and nylons.<br />
I retired early to become an artist and with no need for secrecy I sought answers as to "why" I wanted to be a woman. My psychiatrist, who specialized in transgenderism, taught me the truth. As she explained: everyone has genes of the opposite sex in their bodies. However, at times nature plays a trick and some people, men and women, have too many genes of the opposite sex . Obviously, it much more complicated than that, but in effect it is a genetic imbalance and there is no cure. Nothing can be done about it. She, as well as my late wife, encouraged me to be who I am.<br />
<br />
I live alone now and last year I made the decision to "be who I am" so I can live a peaceful and fullfilling life for the first time. I don't wear men's clothes anymore. In public, I always wear lingerie, pantyhose, and most often, a skirt, women's tassled/lkilty loafers, light makeup, painted nails, and I always carry a shoulder purse. Those times I do wear pants, they are women's pants. I never wear a wig because I have a somewhat masculine face and I look ridiculous in one. <br />
<br />
I don't dress to impress others. I dress for my own satisifaction. I wear designer skirts, conservative yet stylish: i.e., black, beige, white, grey, subdued patterns or polka dot.<br />
<br />
When in a skirt, I am me, the woman I need to be, the woman I want to be.<br />
<br />
I am a veteran and served overseas during wartime. When I visit the VA, I always wear a skirt.<br />
In public, people will look with surprising faces, for I admit, it is strange, "different", to see a man in a skirt and nylons. Yet they move on. Times are changing. At times, I've been laughted at and ridiculed, but I always contront these ignorant people for I fear no one. With each controntation, the ignorant have backed down.<br />
<br />
I am a true transgendered "woman." I am not a transsexual in that I have not had a sex change operation, nor will I ever do so.<br />
<br />
I have lectured about transgenderism before groups of young psychiastrists about to graduate at Dartmouth college and I do lecture monthly at VA hospitals before similar groups. It is an effort to teach this complex subject to those who need to understand. The lectures have been very successful.<br />
<br />
To those who look upon ALL men who wear women's clothes with disgust, remember, it was not that long ago that women were ridiculed for wearing pants . . . and laughted at. So try to understand, there are some like me that have no choice. Don't be so critical! If you want to know more about transgenderism, get on the internet and type in one word, "transgeder" and you'll have enough material to read for a lifetime.<br />
<br />

70 streight male here and I love panties. My ladyfriend knows and is ok with it. The fact is that they are sooo much more comfortable than ANY mens underwear, that I only wear mens when I go to the Dr's. Even the mens that are made to look like womens are not made of the same soft materials that womens are.

im 64 & love skirts panties & bra

I am 50 and i love wearing panties, i only wear panties now. I love the way they feel and look. My wife caught me wearing panties 2 yr ago, she was shock, but now she enjoy them on me. Our sex life is alot better. i wake up and she is rubbing me all over and she love to pull and hear them snap against me. She love the silk and lacey ones, but I think she enjoy my thongs.

<br />
<br />
I admire all you guys that wear womens panties or who dresss's with womens clothes for the sake of comfort, me myself if it feels good do it, you live your life only once, remember your are what you are and no one can change want you WANT or LIKE in this LIFE......... when your dead it really doesn't matter to any one anymore ONLY to what you have done during your own life.......Enjoy now because it really doesn't matter at ALL,............................................. Pete from Melbourne Australia.....

I am in my seventies and often wear women's jeans, sweaters, unisex tops, trouser socks, panties, makeup, jewelry, scent, and carry a unisex bag. I am never obviously femme—don't do wigs and heels, and never lay it on too heavy—but I enjoy being subtly femme. On the street I sometimes get a second glance, but if folks ever stared I would be uncomfortable. I am a straight guy who loves to acknowledge his femme side and give it room to be. <br />
<br />

I am in my 30's so I don't think I am in the class of older men but older than some. I have been wearing panties for about 20 years. When I do I feel so comfortable. I love how they feel, how pretty and sexy they look. I also enjoy going to the stores and shopping for them.<br />
<br />
I also love how jeans in the womens department feel. I just recently bought a few pair and can't believe what I was missing for all this time. Since then I got rid of the mens jeans.<br />
<br />
I don't see what is so wrong of either sex wearing either clothes whether it happens to be in the mens or womens section.

I am 49 and just realised panties are better on me then male equivalent and also wish to turn my wardrobe to a more female one so if you like it do it

hi i am laurie chaplin on yahoo messenger i love to wear lingerie i think every one should they look nice and feel great all men should wear them i do 247 but then i shaveand wear nail polish on my toes silk and satin is great enjoy

I have panties and of today will only wear panties,old pants consined to bin,I also wear shortie nighties and I'm not 50 yet so go ahead if panties are more comfortable,for me they are,and you like wearing go for it don't worry what others think It's you that counts

All of you above my comment should go all the way. I don't mean this in any derogatory way.<br />
I wear panties and skirts, so lets clear that up first. Why do you remain lock in a cage (home/mens clothes). Especially when the weather is nice outside or live in a region where it is nice outside almost year round (southern & south western states). I wear my skirts outside 7 days a week with panties. My skirts are custom made by www.skortman.com . The reasons for the panties are because they are lighter and don't irritate my genitals like Y-fronts or boxers. Also no underwear lines<br />
showing. (Y-fronts are to thick around the legs and buttocks).<br />
If it is because of fear, then cast that aside. I assure you practically no-one will even comment<br />
on your attire. I have gotten several compliments however from some ladies, gentlemen.<br />
I go to Kmart, Walmart, the auto parts store and even the public library. I am 60 years of age, I'm 6'<br />
foot tall and weigh 135 lbs. Other then Arthritis I am in excellent health. I am not gay, but I am transgendered. I incorporate both sides of my gender. It is the way God intended (my belief).

My name is Eleasa, I am 78 years of age. I am Male, trnasgenderd and I wear only women's clothing whether it be dresses, skirts, panties, nylons, blouses, shoes, high and low. I am very happy to be able to find things my size.

I love to wear womens cloths I wear panties all the time and when I get my new house I will be in dress and skirts al the time

Well guys you don't have to be gay to like wareing panties. I wear mind out for dinner or the mall.<br />
I love to sleep in them. I have ben wokeup with my wife rubbing my **** because she loves the feel of it in silk. I have just started wearing bras and slips by her request. We now go shopping for matching sets for the both of us.<br />
We would like to find some place that we could go dressed in our silky stuff and be around other's dressed the same way. If anyone knows a place drop a line.

I wear panties all of the time, and skirts quite a lot of the time. I like denim skirts too, and am often out in public wearing them. I've gotten some rude comments or vulgar remarks, but for the most part it seems a n0n-event to most.

My wife enticed me into feminine clothing. I love my dresses, skirts, panties, everything. The only feminine item I wear outside are shoes. Flat, black, very feminine shoes. No one has ever said anything but I know many people have taken notice. I can feel myself blush when I know that they know. In any event, my wife has no problem and she is the one that insists I wear my girl shoes when we go out. The way I see it, why should genetic females get all the pretty clothes? I am submissive and obedient to my wife. But, then I suppose any wife that has a panty wearing husband would expect him to be submissive.

Go to Target or Kohls and get some girls cargo shorts, they are really thin cotton and have little string ties at the the knee. They are just like the guys, but are girls. I wear them all the times with sandals out on the town, not to many looking. Similar to these http://www.swimoutlet.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=10327&amp;Click=205964

i've been wearing panties for years.I no longer wear male briefs.I find panties are far more comfortable,alot more prettier.I love nylon and lace i wear lacy bras all the time

I wish that I could be so candid. I don`t know how to feel comfortable here, I am simply feeling very GUILTY ?

this is a mania

For the past year I have been wearing womens panties daily. I like the ones with lace, ruffles, bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink, lilac, light yellow, etc. The sexier the better. At last count I have 67 pairs. I enjoy the erotic feelings I get from wearing them. I like looking and feeling sexy, too. I am very happy and self confident. Don't feel ashamed. Have fun wearing your little sexy panties.

I'm 62 and I wear denim skirts knee length and longer/boots in the winter;kilts/knee hi socks and shoes. I've been to shopping malls and Home depot and no one ever said a word in 10 years

If you look, you'll find others into it. I personally am not. I think women's underwear is meant for.. a woman.

Perhaps you should try them for a week and then say if yu still like mens.

That is your loss, don't lnock it if you have not tried it. Rember when your mother used to say try it you might like it?