How's Life Down There?

Well i don't know about the rest of the vertically challenged people out there but as far as i'm concerned though, in my earlier days being short sucked.  I'm 4 ft 10, and well i've been told things like "who tied your feet up when you were little" and "that i could walk under a kitchen table when i was 10 years old" Its not so bad when your young and u can blend in with everyone else but as i got older, and i know for a fact i was a legal adult and wanted to get into this movie adult rated, but always had ID issues, so they wouldn't let me in, but the theater would of let my 17 year old friend into this same movie (she didn't go in tho because i wasn't let in she's a sweet friend huh?) anyways I think sometimes Size Does Matter!!..and it can take a beating on your ego if you get denied out of things because of your height.  Well today i kinda joke about my height i just learnt to accept it its not so bad being short anymore, i have kids and they are almost all taller than me, and i guess it doesn't bother me as much but did 20 years ago.   
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1 Response Apr 12, 2007

That's mean. I am 4 ft 11 and 27 years old . Ignore them . I am a women with a 8 yr old boy.
You are beautiful what ever size you are.
Caz x