I'm not 'bi-curious.' I know I want to have sex with a man. And I'm not a 'crossdresser' either. That would be a man who wears women's clothes, or vice-versa. I"m not a man. I just happen to have a penis.
And although I have a girlfriend whom I adore, I know I need a man.
PennySterling PennySterling
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you look so sexy in this dress,,,, but,,,, where are your panties??

Pushed to the side.

add me sweetie. You on herbs yet?

Won't gf help you?

I'm not sure I understand your question. Help me in what way?

Maybe wear a strap on or share a man with you sweetie?

Oh, she's ****** me a few times and I love it. But she's a sub. I was hiding my femininity behind a very aggressive masculine sexual persona that I have since abandoned. When we met, I was her dom. I'm not that now, but she's still a sub, and a shy one at that.
Also, she lives 1300 miles away, which makes it a bit of a problem for one-night-stands and any sort of regular buggery.

Oh I understand. Wish she was my sub too. Muaah

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iam copy paste as you sweety but i dont like my ... wanna removed even balls and i will ,,,and i want to please ladies and sometimes i need your clitty but but i prefer ladies older better

I am a crossdresser and I would love to stroke and suck your penis.