If I tiptoe a little bit, I am 5'5, but it's kind of awkward to walk around like that all day. A little like how toddlers tiptoe, not quite all the way up, not quite all the way down.

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hehe that's a cool height!

I think 5'5 is an adorable height for a woman =) I am 5'7 blah. ;)

like a sailor named Borg or something

hehehe no, as in tanned and that kind of rugged look

if i said 'weathered' would you agree?

Not many women are taller then i am so yeah i knew you was.

I am, but you all knew that.<br />
<br />
Wouldn't you also be blonde and have a perma tan despite living somewhere cold?

gordita is a shorty..


You're a giant!