A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Lose.

I am 67, a retired employment counselor, and still in school. Oh I alreday have a B.S. and an M.S. and just completed an A.A. and now taking paralegal courses. I am well-educated but lack training, that is, to feel that I have been trained for a particular vocation(one I can sink my teeth into.) At this point should I:

  • just do volunteer or paid work(I sub-teach)
  • continue in the paralegal program (which was very stressful last semester)
  • work on a theology degree at a nearby college(60 mi. away, one day a week)
  • get certified in teaching thru a non-traditional program(at local college and by Internet)
  • get certified in mediation for the county court system(4 days training)
  • work on a B.A, in religion & philosophy at a local college(costly and a major activity)

I am married and have two grown children; one grandson. I am estranged from my brother who is the trustee for my mother's estate and who refuses to give me my share. We are engaged in legal manuvering.

Much of the time I hang around the house; reading, surfing (and cussing) the computer. I like to play around with Rhapsody music site. I like all kinds of music--just depends on how the song sounds.

Would like to talk to someone educated and intelligent. I'm not good at "small talk".

bigoaf bigoaf
66-70, M
Dec 28, 2006