I am a 70 year old widow, been a widow for 2 years. my husband died jan 2011, I miss him so much, but my story goes like this. this year jan 16 2012
a man I have not seen in53 years, contacted me, just wondering if I was still alive and if we still had something between us, we first met when we were 12 years old, and again when we were 15 and 16 we wrote to each other
thourgh the years he living in the south and my self in the east. we only see each other a month or so in the summer of thoes years, but he had pictures of me and looked me up. I being a widow and him to, he came to see took a plain to see me and then I came out to see him, we have been getting along
but I do miss my home in the east so much. I was there for 43 years. and he loves his home in the south. we are both 70. he don't really want to move east in the cold and I like the south, but also love the east and don't want to sell my home. and having 2 homes my be to ecpensive for us in the long run
has any one else had this happen to them and what did you do.
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I am 70- widowed 2 years. I wonder if you man friend realizes what a fantastic thing it is for him to find you. He needs to lose more than his wife maybe. My wife had let our insurance go for some reason, so I lost a lot more than just my wife if 45 good years.
I live from hour to hour- with some illness. The losses are almost unbearable.
I wish you both the best of what life will give you. You don't have to be alone!