What Kind Of Clothes?

hey everyone, if youalready read my older stories im a 14 year teen crossdresser.
this is just a quick question for anyone that can help me out...
basically my parents are gonna be gone for 2 weeksandil be alone at home for those days, and i will most likelly be crossdressing like crazy those days.
There is a used clothing store near my house and il gonna go over there to get some clothes, and i wantto get somme good sugestions for clothes...

I was thinking of buying a bra and maybe panties there also sum short shorts, cute shirts and a pair of shoes.

but can anyone give ideas for what kind of shoes, pants shirts, pras and panties.
please give me somme ideas!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks :)
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4 Responses May 7, 2012

What do you like to wear? I dressed up at your age and my favorite
thing was to wear just a pair of Nude Pantyhose and high heels.

Choose some tight 'control' panties to go with your jeans.<br />
That way you can tuck yourself back for a smooth girlie crotch in your girlie jeans.<br />
Hugs<br />

google image it.