Back Again

I have been im and out all of my life. But now I am 17 and I am in a group home that I hate. I want to go home oh so bad but still I know that if I do all that will happen is that I will be right back in this Hell. I hope that soon when I am 18 I will be able to find my owen home. That I will beable to live me owen life and not have to worry about the next placement. There all about the same though. There all stiff Still Cold. Unwanted. It makes me hate being alive sometimes. Yet I want to succed in life, to have 2 children and husband. I want to be happy. To prove that we can all become something that is not expected. And maybe I will be. But there is still that chance that I will be stuck.
Geinger Geinger
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 9, 2012

it's all possible and if you want to I can give you the opportunity for it to come true