My First Third Eye Opening

My first encounter with the paranormal was when i found a book that tells you how to open your third eye. I was eager back then when i was 15 to see ghosts and stuff so i said what the hell.  It said you have  to be in two different rooms at once so meaning to say i have to be between a door i closed my eyes and concentrated in opening it as i concentrated i started hearing voices that sounds like "guttural" if that was the term and as i opened my eyes i was shocked to find two entities talking to each other a demon and a devil they were waiting for me to open my third eye so that they could haunt me. luckily I'm a Christian and know a few Latin words to ward of the entities and i said NON TIMEBO MALA VADE RETRO SATANA!  it means i fear no evil  leave me demon and they were hesitant to leave but when they saw my Benedictine medallion they fled. . . Now I've been learning the art of exorcism since that incident if you have a few experience in this don't hesitate to ask or comment


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You interested willowJoanJack? if you are i have something right here that can help you open it. BUT BE WARNED it'll change your perspective in the world

well i'm not saying you have too but you should SuperUpperEchelon cuz they believe in you

Thanks for the support Amethystium