I'm The Only One Here That Can Walk On Both Worlds


After so much studying i took action. on my first day as an exorcist i attended a party of a friend of mine

Ann was her name we had so much guest coming that it filled the room instantly. and we had a great time after a while i noticed some thing strange like a woman all dressed in white walking... i mean gliding towards the bathroom as i followed it i noticed that all of my friends including Ann didn't noticed the girl only one small girl i haven't seen before seems too see it to. She looked at me with widened eyes like she was saying "did you see that?" And as i followed the girl it looked at me in behind and i could swear that she was smiling and hurriedly bolted to the bathroom frozen with fear i took up the courage to look and see as i opened the light i saw no one and as i turned to leave i noticed a soft seductive voice it said "come to the mirror and look."

as i approached the mirror i saw her standing behind me and hugging me from behind i tried to move my arms but to no avail i can't

so i prayed the prayer for saint michael and the girl looked like she was duisgusted of me that she left a horrible bite on the shoulder and i was howling in pain and all of my friends went to check out whats happening the noticed that i was shaking in the floor like i was a fish out of water the oain was unbearable now my friends don't want to speak bout what happened to me and i learned that you have to all ways be prepared

and please tell me if you have a fellow exorcist that you know so i can have tips on handling those dark entities

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Having a demon show itself,attack you and you responding with a prayer to St Michael hardly makes one an exorcist.Exorcists seek out the demonic and remove them in very particular religious rites that have been around for centuries.People,places and things can all require an exorcism when there is an attachment.As soon as you feel it/them around-start praying to Jesus to send the Holy Spirit to defeat the enemy and St Michael to defend you.Pray the Hail Mary as she has the power and authority to remove demons as well( "tramples the head of the snake") They will wait til you are at your lowest or most vulnerable as a rule-but they don't follow the rules.Anyone can be influenced,oppressed,attacked and/or possessed at any time,Get Holy Water and anoint your doors and windows commanding all evil entities leave in the name of Jesus(or better yet-get a Catholic priest to do it.) You might **** them off more by doing it yourself.Put religious pictures and symbols all over your house-make it uncomfortable for them to be there. I don't know what religion you may ascribe to but the Catholics know exactly what is going on.You were smart to pray to St.Michael and that's what pissed it off and it attacked you.Now you have to make yourself an uncomfortable place to be.They want "in" to influence and control you and they will try to scare the living daylights out of you.Do not fear them(even though they can totally destroy you)Fear only God and trust in Him-but you have to ask for help by praying. Stay humble-it is not your power(or mine) to remove the demonic-only God can do that-all you did was ask for help. "I" cleansed a home and got attacked after wards. But I asked God for help-He heard me and the demon left the home.THAT is powerful stuff.

Well theres nothing mutch to tell except that I've been severly sick after she bit me i had to go to a quack doctor for healing

yes she was jackie a hell creepy

i was so scared when i encountered the white lady i was shivering will i was writing this