I Was A 9-1-1 Dispatcher

I WAS a 9-1-1 Dispatcher, but I don't think that I will never NOT associate myself with fellow 9-1-1 dispatchers. The experience sticks with you, you can never let it go. What I heard and what I did is now part of me. I can never stop hearing the calls in my head. I can never forget what it feels like to be sitting a long double shift and deliver a baby and feel completely rejuvenated. I can never get the script for how to do CPR out of my head. I left for many reasons. I needed to help with family issues, I needed to move back home, I want to go to Grad School and study Psychology. The secret though, is I left because I was completely burnt out. I was fantastic at my job [typical dispatcher attitude I know :-) ]. But when I got so burnt out, I knew I needed to leave before I "killed someone". I had a retiree tell me to run as fast and as far as I could, and I did. Maybe someday I will be a dispatcher again, I keep this hope because I truly loved the work I did. Logically, I probably will end up a psychologist like my mother, joining the family business. But I will NEVER forget my co-workers. I will never forget the work you do and the sacrifices you make.

Any current dispatchers reading? I know that you always do everything you possibly could do, and please know that too, and if/when the emotions ever catch up to you, know you are not alone.
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i just want to say that last part is inspiring thank you. i am a 911 dispatcher for my county. and yes you have to put every emotion you have no matter what it is aside. and it is hard..very hard. i have cried afterward yes but not in the middle of anything. and most people are like "i could not do what you do" but you just have to have the heart and mind set to do it really is what i think. i have only been a dispatcher for 5 months and new nothing about it besides rescue 911 on tv. lol. but i have talked a guy out of committing suicide..by telling him i have been there before (and not lying) and i understood where he was coming from because of my experiences in life. i have also been the one to answer 911 when one of our firefighters got in a motorcycle accident..then to answer his wifes phone call screaming knowing it was him because of the radio they have at home. he past away on impact! i cried on that one for real. i mean yes you will have phone calls where people pass away and you have to handle it..and its very hard. but like i said a mind set and emotions aside while working is the best. ist harder than people think it is tho! but i do love my job!!!!!

Wow, I can only imagine!