I am a dispatcher with Niagara Regional Police in Ontario. Recently a group of us were out having a few drinks and talking about the disrespect we get from uniforms on the road. One of the girls showed me a picture on her i phone of a German shepherd sitting at a police dispatch console with a headset on and the title was, "Next time your dispatcher barks at you, you'll know why." Of course everyone was pissed off but she told us it was put on a Facebook account belonging to a deputy chief of police for the Toronto Police named Peter Sloely...WTF!!! was the group response. Then she told us he was caught out and lied to everyone, saying that someone hacked his account, even though he was overheard joking about it with co-workers. The dude gets busted and then lies about it and gets away with it....different spanks for different ranks I guess cause we are always being told NOT to Facebook in case it goes public and we can be suspended or fired yet this douche bag gets away Scot free. Where's the justice!?!?!? Where's the respect!?!?!? We all get told we are respected and honored and we do a wonderful job blah blah blah but come on....who wouldn't feel dumped on when a deputy police chief does it and gets away with it....it made us wonder what they are really saying about us behind our backs and that this guy had to be one of the stupid ones who got caught so how much do they really respect what we do.I'm just saying, it ain't fair.
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Trust me when I say your not the only agency that this happens to. We get the "your an Important part of the team" speach all the time. BUT the Chief of Police has only been to our dispatch center 1 time in the last 12 months. were not even on the same side of town as the police department. Although we are civilian employees we have a Deputy Chief over the department. In the last 2 years we have had 5... because we always get the one who is about to retire in 6 months. our joke is "if your not sworn your not born." cause they don't care about us at all. EVEN though at our agency we had to pass by all the same requirements to be a police officer. we are held to the same standards, and even have the same uniforms. But because we don't get a gun were not equal. Nothing is going to change that.

No it is not fair. It sounds like do what I say, not what I do.

BTW, thanks for doing what you do, I know you are under a lot of stress.

I bet you have a lot of stories to tell.