This One Got to Me After Doing This 7 Yrs Now...

Thankfully, I was not the one to get this call tonight. But one of my girls (a "newbie") got it and handled it beautifully. So this guy calls in and just picks right up in mid conversation as if he'd been talking to her 20 mins. "I need the police out here. Tell them the front door is unlocked, I'm in the back bedroom". He was being very vague, almost as if someone were in the room with him & he couldn't talk (yall know how that is). She tried like hell to get more info out of him, explaining that officers needed to know what it was they were responding to for their safety as well as his own, etc, etc...
But he wasn't talking. He kept repeating and was very adament about how he didn't want to talk about it. But here is what he did tell her... "The front door is unlocked, I'm in the back bedroom upstairs. They're gonna need to call the last 10 numbers in my cell phone". He went on to give her a few more random off the wall tasks for police to do once they got there, all while she was still trying to get what exactly was going on out there. He stated again to her very stern (but not rude) that he didn't want to talk about it and with that hung up the phone and wouldn't answer on callback. Officers arrived and entered the house in a group with ballistic shields out. Less then a minute later "radio we're code 4 (ok), signal 53". Yep. You guessed it....Seconds after the line went dead he committed suicide. They found him in the back bedroom exactly where he said he would be... single GSW to the head with a rifle.
Personally, suicide calls (and I don't mean the pathetic, meaningless threats or attention seeking, non-lifethreatening injuries done for sympathy) true carried out suicide calls, are my worst "kind" of call to get.  Specifically when it's a family member who finds them... or a child. That happened about 2 weeks ago too when an 11yr old came home from school expecting to see his 15yr old brother waiting for him, but instead finds his lifeless body hanging inside the garage. There's nothing you can say to those people to console them and I hate that.

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hi would some dispatcher have some advice for me. i would like to become a dispatcher when i grow up ( in a long time) any storys that will help me with my hope of becoming a dispatcher?

I know this sounds bad but I have a smidgen of respect for someone who handles suicide the way he did, rather than have a family member find him. I have had too many calls of parents/brothers/sisters/children finding their dead loved ones and it makes me SO angry. How could you do that to your loved ones?

Im a new 911 dispatcher and I so think about these types of calls every time I pick up the phone to say what is your emergency

This is the type of call I dread the most. I have never talked to an actual suicidal caller who then went through with it but I have co-workers who have had open lines when the gun went off. In the case of your call officer safety was the number one concern at that point and it is good that responders weren't in danger. I think a forum like this is a terrific way for you to talk anonymously about anonymous incidents. Thanks for sharing.

I can sympathize directly with you tinkerbell. I too am a 911 dispatcher.. I am only new into this one yr but have defineltly found what i want to do for the rest of my working career. I have empathy for what you feel. I have only heard from my peers of this kind of call and have not experienced it yet.. I hope it will be a long time before i do..

"Ummmm".... No! Not when it's an obvious suicide. Now if this was a murder case / suspicious death still under investigation then I wouldn't have been able to share this story. Which is what I thought this forum was for? Supporting one another in the job which to me it doesn't sound like either of you work in this field. Because it just seems to me that if you did, then you would know each agency & jurisdiction has different policies & procedures to follow. Are you all this critical of everyone who posts on here? Because if you are you make this whole site pointless and sad...

Isn't there a law over there about secrecy until the case <br />
<br />
has been finalised?......As JIm Jam said!....Ummmm

very interesting, Umm