Pack Rules

1! There will be no arguing what so ever, I have had enough of all the pointless squabbles so NO MORE!

2! If anyone has a problem, instead of going and causing trouble come to me, grey, or one of the betas!

3! There will be no complaints on what rank you will be getting, you want a new rank work for it!

4! You will respect each member of the pack and not cause any **** with them!

5! Any pack problems will stay in the packs and will not be discussed unless it is with a alpha of a ally pack.

6! When someone new wants to join add them right away!

7! A pack is for life, so once you join you are not allowed to leave unless there is a good reason!

8! Everyone is to get along and you will support your brothers and sisters with any troubles!

9! If a member of the pack is in trouble you should go with them instead of a outsider that is not in the pack!

10! There will be no bullying, discrimination, abuse or any other in the pack. If any of this does happen there will be punishment that could lead to loosing your rank or being kicked out!

11! You treat each other equally!

12! Be yourself and not to be faking, we are together through thick and thin!
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Is there an age limit or minimum? Because I would love to join but I'm twelve

13! Respect your alpha. She is your leader and by being in the pack you will show loyalty to her and trust her. By being your alpha she represents you therefore you should conduct yourself as a representative of her authority.

14! If you break rule 13, Christine will personally kick your ***.