Pack Ranks!

Alpha Male- PhoenixGrey.
Alpha Female- ChriinYarrak.

Beta Male- AdarBetaSparty17.
Beta Female- AyaQuelin.

Gamma Male- ArcticFrost.
Gamma Female- BloodRedShadow.

Delta Male- ClawClawClaw
Delta Female- GraceWolff.

Epolision Male- SageDiation33.
Epolision Female- SweetDemonic

Lota Male- Fluke1991
Lota Female- FreakDash.

There will be training for any 15 and under who wish to have a rank in the future. You will be trained for your rank. Also those above 15 sorry if you do not have a rank.

Normal Members-
Moonshadow (not online)
Starlight (not online)
Elias (not online) 
Ethan (not online)

Wolves on trial-
Pack Allies-
Unbroken Pack
Red Moon Pack
Celtic Moon Pack
If any other packs are wishing to be allies, you are to be a pack that stands together and will not fall apart.

Pack trainer-

Pack mentor- Sagediation33.

Head of pack negotiations- BloodRedShadow.

If you wish to join the pack comment here or talk to a pack member and they will get to Grey or I.

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8 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Hi I am twelve and was wondering what the training meant? Is it actually training or is this online, I need to know so if you could get back to me soon message me please

I'd like to have a pack meeting soon. I've got some things to say to the whole pack.

of course :)

And who are the omegas? Every pack has them; who are ours?

idk yet


Saxon could be delta?(: just a suggestion :)

delta male is taken, claw has been in the pack longer the saxon

I know that; someone said there was no delta, so I popped in. Alright :)

dont worry he will earn his rank soon :)

Okay :)

Ack. Sorry, brother! I swear I'm not trying to replace you. I got confused because one of the pack members said there was no delta male. Sorry! :/

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Strive is sadly gone. So no pack trainer, nor a delta male:(

Sage needs taken care of..

gimme a min, kindaa dealing with another right now


Ey, where did I go? Just "inquiring". >,>

Don't forget Fenrir is a pack Allie. Even if my alpha and beta are going through some... Things

oh yea

Mhm. I can help with training and such