Hia.. About Meh..

Well hiaa. Call me -FallenOne.- My hobbies are singing, and writing. I'm 14 and female. I have lived so far.. Not the easiest life believe it or not.. Latley I just go to bed crying until I passout.. :c Not so good at this "coping" process... Urm.. Yeah. My life is well... A long story. Right now my mothers in the hospital, siblings are acting strange, and step dads still a jerk. And sadly I'm nearly four hours away feeling worse and worse each day. :'c I write sometimes my feelings, and other times dark poetry. And I sing non stop. My favorite colors are black, blue, and red. I am claimed to be "Emo" even though I only cut myself once... :c But the hell with it. Anyways feel free to ask me anything else, I won't bite to hard.
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Hello, I am the new Alpha of Dark Moons. Please call me Shori, I am currently going through the members to see who is still active or wishes to rejoin the pack.

Why ur mom in hospital?

It's gonna get better

I feel like it's just getting worse and worse each day. :'c