Well where to start im 23 my name is Isaac i live in london i've known i am a wolf since i was 5 but around the age of 10 started to hide it because of school my life has been quite boring i opened up to a friend i met on xbox and told him and he conviced me to tell my mother whos only answer to me telling her was "yea so? i've always known" now i dont know much about being in a pack but that may be because i never knew there were others out there i spent most of my life telling myself i was crazy for thinking i was a wolf i got no clue what my wolf form would look like but i know i feel like a tundra wolf so im guessing something like my profile pic but i dont know fo sure anything you want to ask feel free to and if anyone ever needs to talk remember im here
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Hello, I am the new Alpha of Dark Moons. Please call me Shori, I am currently going through the members to see who is still active or wishes to rejoin the pack.

My mom would be like "I'm taking you to a mental hosptial"

my mom to


Lol you two aren't the only ones who think that about your parents

don't need to hide yourself every hour just when you're alone let go a howl or something,belive it's going to make you feel really free

I'd love that but I live close to central London if I howl everyone will hear so I can't bring myself to do it :(