my names La'Rissa I am 17 years old I love to draw, and write. I have been looking for a pack to join and some one suggested this one so I talked to snow and at first went to the wrong place but it had the rules on it so I read it and messed up on the first draft of this but I am hopfully on the right one alpha snow told me wrong one so I searched all over again and landed here. when I get excited I kinda lose my mind and act a bit like a child and don't read things throw :) I am a 1/2 breed looking for a pack because I would like to be fully excepted for who I am.
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Hello, I am the new Alpha of Dark Moons. Please call me Shori, I am currently going through the members to see who is still active or wishes to rejoin the pack.

Hi shori

As of current I am assuming you wish to stay in the pack?


Alright. Please make a small update on this story so it'll appear with the newer stories for people to see and comment on my story new pack rules so I know you've read them. And add me along with everyone in my story ranks as of 4/28/13

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