About The Wee One!

Hi there! I am Amy, call me Amy or Harmony whatever suits you but call me small I will bit your knee caps! I am the beta female of the pack :D Okay dokey a bit about me!!!
My favourite colour is purple, I have a serious case of mood swings, so I can be a hyper monster one minute then a depressing ***** the next. Oh and I am Scottish NOT British!
sacraficeparadise sacraficeparadise
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

So that was you! You're the wee little one! ^-^

Lol she has pics in her album

im an Alpha Asian pack so i guess we all have the same genes in the past and even you are a Beta i guess it will not stop us being a friend in every way right?

there are som ways that we wont be friends

so what are they and why that would stop us being a friend?So what year are you now in College?

first. and any no clothes way.


no its not interesting. no perving on me

no perverts is for idiots and uneducated people...


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thats ma girl

yep :)