New Breed Of Werewolf Hunters

I've come to find out there is a new breed of hunters out there, They are alot like us but cant shift into wolves. They also hunt in packs witch is kinda screwed up if you ask me. There moving into America soon. When I find out more info i'll let you guys know
Fluke1991 Fluke1991
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

again my words find truth in new foes i did say something would be coming in the form of threats albeit vague. perhaps these people are linked to the group who attacked my sister thewhitecrow. they may not just be packs. ill see what the spirits have on them if they will talk about it.

I'm not of thus pack but it's always good to hear of these sorts of subjects. Thank you Luke. I'll warn my pack.