Challenge For Alpha Gray

Alpha gray I want to challenge you for alpha
Rydershooter Rydershooter
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this make beleive pack of dogs


Who all?

Bullet moron.


Numbnuts cant spell at all.

He's a dumbass

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You know, you're kind of annoying for someone who claims to be so good. Geez, our Aphas could both turn your darkest nightmares into toddler dreams. And if you dont get nightmares cause you're "too manly" then boy are you in for a real shocker! Not to mention we have had more than enough people come into our pack page acting all high and mighty only to be knocked off their high horse faster than they came. It's people like you that give me a headache. Oi...

You make me want to laugh Ryder. This is childish behavior. I won't respect you at all.

if you are this feral your power is still nothing in the face of union. when someone who is many like myself comes around we tend to have protective force but lethality. if you want to fight and become a person i see as higher perhaps you should attack me and see what happens to those creatures who continually dissapper. i fight and hunt those who disturb. regardless of your power it pales to mine albeit you can only glimpse what kills you. as per the rules. but when i kill regardless of what you are you may disappear permanantly. there is a place for everything

dont bother the pack i know your kind. ferals wolves, demons, corrupted beings. all are alike in the aspect that i have fought or dealt with them. some are friends but the enemies dont do so well. depending on the situation ive been attacked before ive killed before but no remains of there deaths are recorded. they dont exist in the eyes of the public but all attacked me hoping to kill me. ive never needed to bring forces from humans. only share in the unity of the power they all possessed.

i must say an alpha is supposed to be a power ever present yet caring for the pack they lead. strength and power are mere oblects but wisdom will get you farther in the end. strength is nothing without force or the brains to unleash it. sagely wisdom and the power of a monk get me far. however i am merely stating that a pack leader should make his or her presence known often to earn respect. otherwise they will come to be shown as weak and stupid **** like this happens.

just to say ina real pack or even in these online packs it is smart to stay connected as unity brings more power than separation.

an alpha wolf should always be present and available for any and all issues and be able to handle them accordingly. i can see why some people have gone this far and whoever is the alpha rank should actually show the proper qualites. i know snow well enough to know her and trust her. but gray is still questionable. i dont know him well and cannot trust him in that respect. but i do know there is a side to these things. i mean no disrespect but being the smart one here among us is merely to watch and guide. obviously the world is going to hell because the people bring it forth. whether its absence or presence it is seen the same.
unity will bring peace but it is so hated.

continue if you want but this whole thing is meaningless.

awwww did the lil fake get scared XD ha as i said if you were real, and did kill them then as you said"keep me" you would not stand a chance cause you are a lil fake who cant spell

afraid? what is that term you speak of

why challenge my mate anyway? you aint even in the pack

who needs a pack when your stronger then a lycan

then why challenge dumbass

I like to make people feel pain

yea so challenging him will make people feel pain how? he will destroy you in seconds >.< pfft i could too, and plus yer a perv i mean emolia is 13! what sick perv are you

well first it said 18-21 so she is in falt and your puppy as a mate will burn in hell

yea well dont mean you hit on her! ffs >.< second if anyone is going to hell its you so i will see ya there

plz everyone knows that farels can bring more hell then hell itself

yea real farels but considering you cant even spell grey >.

it's ok love

love? really ffs i dont fall for charms

I bet you that you have a replacement mate right? because your real one did not love you

**** you you know nothing

I see I hit a soft spot

pfft wounds heal, i have learned that

its fine sa

o shut up fur ball

which one dumbass

Your friend. and when i kill your mate i'm gonna keep you

pfft keep me how dumb dumb i would just fight back

yes i can see how your demon would not like that but i have something to tame her

how the **** did you know?!?!? and pfft try all you ******* want dont mean i wont fight back myself

Yarrak, thats how I knew

yarrak is my wolf dumbass and as i said i would fight back

Then i will kill both your mates including Nick in front of you

mhmm yea yea whatever you are a fake, my real mate left when i was a kid so good luckk finding him, juan would kill you and as for nick you wouldnt know where to find him. so is that all you are beginning to bore me

I really am gonna find you and kill you

breathe luke...

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Yarkey pootle


Dude your annyoing.

I know im just a pup in this pack and i have no business being in this. But your not in this pack... And i seen your othed post where you said, “Tell me where this half werewolf half lycan guy is and i wont kill this pritty white wolf”. Your words exactly my friend. So that 'story' that you posted makes me think you are a hunter rather than a wolf. Just pointing out some things there.... not trying to be mean

Your right im not a werewolf, I'm a feral

Just go.

na ill just **** your mother

Ahh nice comment. I rember when I was 13

Whats a feral?

you wolves really are stupid

I think that's you

ok puppy

Im stupid? Excuse me but at least i can spell. You have the grammar of a 3 year old. And if you don't want to tell me what a feral is then im asuming its fake and made up

Ryder the fact that I feel I have to comment on your childish behavior irritates me... You have no rights to challenge someone if your not in there pack. And as far as winning and losing it doesn't matter, You need more then muscle to be an alpha in a pack. I don't know you so I'm not going to get to deep into this... but loyalty, respect, integrity, and compassion are just some things that are needed to be alpha... and to challenge is to know that you are ready for these commitments to the pack. an omega knows this!! And by the fact that you got angry so quick without anything other then words being spoken means your not ready to handle these obligations may be only in your early to mid 20's but you have a lot to learn young pup what it is to be a real leader...feral or not...

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