About Me: Red

Hello my fellow pack members, many of us have already met (and we are close) but others have not, and this is mainly for those who haven't. My name is Amber, but you can call me Red if you like. I've served in the pack since it was still just a handful of us who hardly ever got along. We had good times and bad times back then. I remember when Christine first took charge of the pack, and I am glad it has stayed that way. She is an honorable leader to our pack.
I am glad to take responsibility as gamma in place of our lost member, Kyu. To be honest, I never saw myself as fit enough, but I will go with the judgement of our alpha without question.
As always, I am honored to serve the pack, and I am willing to help any younger members if they do need help. I am also head of pack negotiations, so if there is an issue with other packs, or within out own, let me know. Thank you.
Other stuff about me? I play goalie on my filed hockey team, and most people think I play the part alright. Fun sport, everyone should give it a chance. I'm 17, 18 in May, and I have a wee little sis named Emolia. Seem of y'all know her, some don't. But she is a sweetie. Other than that, I've got some self-image issues, so, please, respect that. Thank you again.
With loyalty to the end

-Amber D.
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Red I told Snow to post a story about Kyu still being alive..

It's better if they believe her dead.

She already did some days ago. Dead. Alive. Whatever. She lied, it doesn't matter anymore.

No. That was the past, and the past is gone. Let's think of the present. How have you been of late?

I can't stop thinking about the past lately..
I've been alright. I met someone else and I'm in a relationship

I'm glad to hear that. I certainly hope this someone is being good to you.

Very. Logan treats me well, really well. How are you and your relationship?

I'm getting to be less...jumpy at touching, which is good. Colton treats me well as always. I'm lucky. ^-^

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