Sage The Watcher.

as of recent events ive recomposed a purity. my computer is broken and requires certain requirements to post so i have to wait till weekends until my net is more suitable.

until then feel free to ask me questions that i may answer with my sage like wisdoms. i dont like people being smartasses though. i find it offensive, highly offensive.

ive helped people with many things such as their wolves or achieving peace in some form. i know a good deal about many things and you may be suprised what i know. i have deep spiritual connections within and throughout. i know how to achieve wolfhood but have yet to change under circumstances i cannot control. i pretty sure that the worlds spirits wouldnt lie to me so im pretty sure my information on wolves is accurate but ive experienced being a wolf before in a sense.

i am hardly human anymore because of my unique structure but i still act civil when powers do not avail. i feel the pack can evolve further under some new ideas ive just never gotten around to set up teachings. i keep having to deal with shadows of sorts that seem to get in my way in some form.

please message me if you want to learn anything of changing the body. it is simple yet difficult but the experience is painful however the body can do many things. i study myself and learn a great deal about others. i know the mind, body, and spirit well. powers are quite natural in the body. it just takes a small step.

i tend to take my own path sorry if this is inadaquate. i can only right comments or stories on the weekends till further notice however i can always handle private messages.
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Don't know which post should i start?

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