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My Name is Joey but you can call me Lupus. I usually stay back and watch what happens in stressful situations until it gets bad. I usually am on my laptop during the day or out and about roaming around. I practice with stealth, self defence, pressure points, and i make some weapons outa random things.I usually very aware of my surroundings. I can be very violent if the time calls for it, most of the time i'm hyper though unless in a stressful situation. I'm not the best with starting conversations so if you would like to talk to me please do :D
LupusStellarum LupusStellarum
13-15, F
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*gasp* no spelling errors I'm proud!! xD

*facepalm* Ya ya ya ik no errors. I'm getting better at spelling ya know!

Haha thank god! I was prepared to joke you about spelling and I was like oh she actually spelled correctly!

Well i have spell checker to ya know!! just not on my phone so ya gotta deal with the bad spelling when we txt!!!!!! haha And my grammar issues!

Oh god your grammar... *facepalm*

Yepr the Grammar issues *da da daaaa* They shall haunt you!!!!! Aw man i have to do yard work!!! EHH I HATE YARD WORK!!!

Lol wish I could help!!

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Hello, I am the new Alpha of Dark Moons. Please call me Shori, I am currently going through the members to see who is still active or wishes to rejoin the pack.

Hello, I am still active in the pack.

Alright. Please do a small update on this story so it will show more currently, than post a comment on my story "New Rules" so I know you have read them.

Ok i will

Thank you.

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Still not that great of a speller either -.- lol

SHUSHH LEXI IK *poutty face*

NEIN!! LOL I almost thought u said potty face I was like "OO oh dear god... It's serious now"


XD that was exactly my facial expression


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