"feminism Is About Equality" Lmao

Feminism is about equality!"BULLSHIT!!!!!!!Feminism has never cared about men nor have they ever cared about equality. All they care about is destroying patriarchy. Which if you study the feminist idea of patriarchy you realize that patriarchy doesn't exist and never has. Less than 3% of all the soldiers killed in Iraq are women. Something 93% of all work place deaths are men. Wage gap doesn't exist and never has. The majority of rape victims are men. Domestic violence is gender equal. The majority of victims of child sexual abuse are boys. The majority of murder victims are male. The majority of child murders are perpetrated by women. Men are treated unfairly in family court. And when I say they are treated unfairly I mean they have no chance of being treated fair. Women have full control over whether or not a unplanned pregnancy takes place. Then they have full control over whether that child is born. The only contraception men have is a medical procedure or a condom. despite this, men are required by law to pay a woman when she chooses to get pregnant. That's why as a MRA I support financial abortion choice for men. In criminal law proceedings men always receive longer longer prison sentences than women who have committed the same crime. That is if a woman receives a prison sentence at all. Despite all of this feminist claim that there is obviously something wrong with men because men make up the largest percentage of prisoners. And because of feminist ideals the UK is kicking around the idea of abolishing women's prisons.In the USA a person is innocent until proven guilty. This is a law guaranteed by our constitution. But feminist want to change that for men.One of todays leading feminist has publicly stated that she wants all men ACCUSED of rape to prove they are innocent. Her ideas are based on the fact that often times there is no prof of rape. So we must rely on the victims word as prof. Despite the fact that false rape allegations have reached epidemic proportions in this country. So much so that two major US metropolitan police forces has publicly asked women to stop making false allegations of rape because it is eating up a majority of resources. Did you get that. Police are begging women to stop because they are wasting valuable resources on crimes that never happened. I could go on and on for hours. But this is sufficient prof that feminism has never been about equality. Its only purpose is to oppress and enslave men. Feminist have had massive amounts of influence in or government for over 50 yrs. What I have listed above is just a few of the results. 
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