A Messiah For Anti-feminists?

We are Feminism+! Join us as we move forward into the oncoming third wave of anti-feminism. We are a solid group of people with core principles that WILL NOT be shaken!

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I knew Knight wouldn't play second fiddle for long and he has now created his own movement... I wonder if he will spam it as much as he did AVFM, I am glad to see his evolution and wish him the best of luck on his new endeavor!

Vivagalore Vivagalore
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Feminists are all either paedophiles or husband batterers - well-known fact!

I do try and keep up, but I have to admit I am hopelessly lost as to what most of your posts are about. I mean the backstory/inside track, not that you don't express yourself well. How does one keep up? Is it even possible for a non-twin like me?

Indeed feel free to ask questions !

Ok.. will you marry me? Oh fudge.. nevermind forgot you are married already, plus I think Larry has dibs but oh how I do love to dream regardless.

.<---- is considering a male harem

This is truly progressive. Well I just want to put in for Wednesdays.. being that it is hump day and all.

Sadly, the uploader has closed their YouTube account and a harem? Think about the children's Denty. What has this ill forgotten world come to........*sigh

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