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Hey all! My fiance left for Basic a short time ago; when he comes home hes facing a yearlong deployment. Just looking for those who are going through the same thing as me/ us.
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ive been with my fiance just over a year and half too and he goes to afghan in 2 weeks time for 6 and a half months<br />
so same boat aswell really<br />
people are just telling me to keep occupied but i find it worst at night.<br />
i think the first week is the hardest as i no this because of him going to all sorts of places before.<br />
it will get better tho :)<br />
chin up

same boat. my fiance is deployed right out of basic too for a year :( its not too bad though because he gets a two week leave soon so the year will be broken up into halves.

Hi there,<br />
My fiance finished basic in March, AIT in May, and has been stationed at Ft. Riley since. He is leaving in November for a year long deployment as well. I've found that the days that i'm least sad about not being with him are the days that i'm most busy. Take it one day at a will be together again!