Some Days Are Harder Than Others

I think I am finally adjusting to this separation.  Aside from crying twice in a bar (so embarrassing, I know), things are starting to move along.  I am one month and 1 week in with only 6 months to go.  It's funny how we say most other relationships 6 months apart probably seems like a lifetime.  I am no longer feeling constantly sad.  If anything, I am starting to get a pissed.  I believe I am going through the grieving process, so I hope I reach acceptance sooner rather than later.  Words cannot describe how much it sucks that I haven't heard from him in over 2 weeks.  I know other fiance's whose loved ones are at the same base in Afghanistan and they hear from them all the time.  I know he is probably busy, but even a 2 minute phone call is better than nothing.   I feel slightly abandoned.  I look forward to hearing from him all day everyday, and the constant disappointment is difficult to handle.  I am trying to remain positive.  I am keeping myself busy with school and work and just trying not to think about this situation.  The thought of him getting off of that plane in September is what's keeping me going.  Stay strong ladies.  Much love. 
michmill michmill
Mar 28, 2012