Hey guys!

So my Fiance leaves for basic in Jan (Fort Jackson) and leaves for AIT in Apr (Fort Lee) and i was wondering how long it would be before i got an adress so i can write him and how often he might be able to write back?

Thank Ya'll ♥
KBrooke KBrooke
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1 Response Sep 8, 2012

my fiance just got done with basic and is about to graduate Ait:) Anyways it was about two weeks before i received a letter from him which he will include directions when mailing cause it gets a little confusing:) i will tell you from my exsperience it helps so much being able to write him! just dont be too worried about not getting letters cause a week can go by and you will not receive one letter and then the next day you will get like six they come in clumps and the same thing will go for when you send him letters. and they are given free time almost everyday so he will be able to write you almost every day but he will have sertan days that he can send them, hope that helps!:)
ps. i am a horrible speller so just ignore my mistakes!:)