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Hey everyone! My name is Chantalle. I have been dating my boyfriend now fiance for 10 months. we meet my senior in high school. but i didnt start dating him until the end of my first spring semester in college november 2011. we were both 19 at that time. I started dating him 4 months before he left for basic training in april 2012. so i knew he was joining the army before we started dating. Before he left I told him i will be there for him.... i love him that much that i would do anything to be with him. Yes i loved him after only a couple of months of being with him. So i waited patiently until the 4th of July to see him at his BCT graduation. I was so happy to see him.... words couldnt describe how i felt. Even tho i only got to see him for two days.... but those two days meant the world to me. But unfortunately i had to leave him and go home while he went off to AIT at a different location.... farther away from me. So again I waited for him while he was AIT. But this time I couldnt go see him for his AIT graduation...... i had to work and my grandma was very very sick. I planned on going to his AIT graduation and told him about it. So when i told him i couldnt go he got really upset but he understood why i couldnt go. Btw he graduated from AIT September 14th. Two days later (september 16th) he was able to go on Skype at his new fort, Fort Campbell. We were having some internet issues so he turned off and on his webcam. But one of these times he did this he took longer to put on the video so i could see him. Well when he turned his camera back on he was kneeling on one knee with a square box with a very nice diamond ring inside. He proposed to me over Skype. So yes im a fiance but without the ring for right now. Im going down in a couple weeks to look at apartments. thats when he will give me the ring and we want to get married asap. so we decided a courthouse wedding. But the thing is that both our parents are very traditional and dont want a courthouse wedding. So my parents dont know im already engaged. I mean his parents love me and my parents love him. So they know its bound to happen that we will be getting married. But they want it their way not our way. yeah so we are secretly getting married in a courthouse. but the hardest thing is trying to hide it. We plan on getting married traditionally later on though too. So im wondering, can i move in with him on or off base even tho im his fiance not wife yet? cuz it takes time for the army to get all the paperwork in and such.
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Aww I love how he proposed ! I met my fiance while he was deployed (he still is). The only time we were able to spend time together was his two week leave about a month ago by now. Anyways, we knew we were right for each other. One day, he was talking about marriage and how he needed to get me a ring but didn't know my size. I didn't know either. So I told him the dog tags I wear around my neck are just like an engagement ring - they are an accessory of devotion. About an hour later he starts playing Marry Me by Train through our Skype connection. At the end of it, he tried to talk but was too choked up. He ended up typing "Will you marry me KayCee Elizabeth ----" in the Skype message. I said yes of course. He played a few more love songs then out of now where choked out "will you marry me? there I said it!" I just got our engagement rings in the mail this week (: