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When Will It Get Better

So my fiance ledt today to south Carolina. Was not really excited all I did the past 3 days before was cry I couldnt eat or sleep and still cant he purposed to me on sunday night at the hotel before he went off to the meps to leave on the plane im . Scared about everything hes gone for bt for 9 weeks and ait until july I know I wanna marry him we have been together for 3 years I knew it was love from the minute I saw him. I just wanna know wh. Will I see him again and when we get married will I be able to move in with him where he gets stationed at someone tell me whwn it will get better please bim scared when he gets to ait he will find a new love even thoigh we promised each other to not do that and plus we trust eachother 100 percent
forevertogether2010 forevertogether2010 18-21, F 2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

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I am going through the same thing, my now fiance proposed to me before he also left for south carolina on the 25th of february.

I don't know if any one ha answered your question but you probably will see him on his graduation days. Also to live with him off base you have to be married. And you have to wait in line for basic housing allowance. Well you two have been together for 3 years congrats! But more importantly does he know you are worried?