I Love My Soldier

 Hi..Im new to all of this..so bare with me . I met my soldier in Dec. of last year. We havent been dating long but yet it feels like we have . We have shared so much in this small amount of time, more then some couples experience in a lifetime! We have grown so close and we know that we are soulmates. He left for deployment on Feb.20 2009. I knew it was coming but just had no idea how it would really be . It has been so hard like you all know , Im sure . I hurt physically. When I talk to him, I try so hard not to cry.He sounds so sad at times and I know that he has to get adjusted or at least I hope things get better. This is his first deployment , so its pretty tough , Im sure . He is such a sweetheart! He asked me to marry him before he left and gave me a ring. I have been looking for him my whole life!(even though I have been married before,,some of you know what I mean Im sure :) ) I have been shoving food in my face way too much ,but it somehow seems to comfort me for a couple minutes, ha! I know thats wrong and really dont wanna gain any weight but really wanna lose weight,,Im just hoping things will calm down a little but Im starting to wonder,,I know that the missing him wont stop just like he told me last night when I told him that things will get better he said ,yeah I hope so but the missing you wont:(               I am very happy to be on this site , I have been reading some of ya'lls stories and it helps to know that Im not alone , thanks!

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I met my fiance dec of 09 and we have been together since jan of 2010. we will be facing our 1st deployment this fall...and we are getting married before he goes.<br />
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I wish you luck and you will get through this hun.

dont worry so much hun. yeah its gonna be horrible and sometimes all your gonna wanna do is cry [[unfortunately]] but you gonna keep busy and do anything that will try to get your mind off him [[even if its for a second]]. hang in there hun things will get alot better.he is prob hurtin jsut as much as you expescially being newly engaged and dating. but things will be okay and this is site is amazing. it helps you soo much. i know its helped me and if you ever need someone to vent to iam here for you. stay strong.

Thank you both for the encouragement. I appreciate that very much! You guys hang in there and we will just take this one day at a time :)

I met my fiance a year and a half ago, but we just started dating at the beginning of last September. He just deployed to Iraq January 31, 2009. It's his first deployment too, and it's not the easiest thing ever. But I've found that it's a lot easier when you have someone to talk to that's in the same position. Hang in there!

Just stay as busy as you can it will help. Also being on here and talking with others is great. There are so many wonderful women on here.x