Love Is Worth It All

Hey so I just joined this site today hoping to find some comfort I suppose..... My soldier and I were actually together 3 months before he left for basic. I knew when I met him he was someone I wanted in my life forever bf/friend whatever didn't matter just wanted him there. We found out he was being sent to Fort Jackson ten days before they sent him....that sucked! It was like a countdown of the time we had he and I both have children from other relationships so we have to be strong but those days were emotional. So anyhow he left for basic we wrote letters everyday and as I'm sure everyone here has done before I waited for that call to hear his voice which made things feel better for a few minutes....we missed eachother like hell but I think that's what made us realize we were the real thing, from basic he rode back home with me and was home for 3 days it was wonderful but omg was I dreading him leavin again....he went to AIT @ Aberdeen and he finished that up came home for 2weeks!!! WONDERFUL then he was sent for training he is going to be deployed in April to my babe is in Cali now hopefully get to see him a couple of days before deployment  but who knows right? lol I am going crazy right now just waiting on his phone call their out in the middle of the desert training and his cell isn't working and he isn't aloud to have it anyway :( I know everything will be fine just feels nice to finally have somewhere to have my meltdowns lol I try to stay strong for him but as you girls know I'm sure we all have to let it out sometime..... 

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Girl, you are gonna make it. We are all here for the same reason. Message me if you need anything!!

hey i signed up to this place awhile ago lookin for somewhere i can have my meltdown also! haha. deployment is a scary thign to deal with but yall love eachother and will make ti through and if you ever need anyone iam here for you. and so is alot of girls on here. i hoep you get to see him before he leaves hun.