What Happens to My Career Now?

My fiancee is in BCT and will go straight into AIT after, he will be gone a total of 17 weeks and I am only on week two.  I know that I have a long and horrible journey of waiting in front of me and I will support him every day any way I can.

When he told me he wanted to enlist I was opposed, in my heart I still am I suppose but I know that this is something that he wants and that will make him happy so I dropped the opposition once I knew he had made up his mind and began to cheer him on.

So he made up his mind and two weeks later here we are...

I am left with wondering, what are my choices now? I have a great career in the HR field, I make decent /good  money and I love what I do. No offence to anyone that may read this but I am not a stay at home army wife. It wouldn't make sense for me, we have no children and have no intentions for children in the future. I know the army has jobs for the wives but bouncing from base to base makes me wonder what my options truly are for a good career in my field. Or would it even be a carrer at that point, with all the bouncing around it may be more like just a job?

I make more money than my fiancee and will make more than him even with several promotions on his part. It is hard to in essence throw that all away, I worked very hard to get where I am and felt good about being able to take care of us. 

I know that career or not I will be with him, my love for him... I can't even describe.

I just need some advice... should I just be a good army wife and let him take care of me, the way he wants to or is there really hope for an army wife with a career?

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i dont think you have to give up your career, you both have to make sacarfices for eachother. either way honey your gonna become a army wife and like the rest of us ur guna have to go through deployments and several 1 minute conversations every now and again. and its gonna be hard but you will have that job to keep you busy and you dont always have to jump from base to base. my sister and her husband thats in the military have been at there base and settled in and its already been a year but iam sure if you did have to move suddenly they would transfer you to another job close to base that will have the same benfits. but your just startin off huni. i been through this part already he will go through BCT for about 3 months.and AIT for a couple more bout through BCT my soldier couple only call me on sundays so keep your phone open so hopefully he will be able to call also and AIT they have their cellphones and can talk when they get pass. but you will be fine just keep your job and keep staying strogn and workin

You may have a good job, but you should know that you will be moving a lot, sometimes to some really remote and foreign places. <br />
Army wives (or I should say spouses) often don't have careers not because they don't want to but because they can't...they keep getting moved. Unless you are a teacher or nurse, doctor, it is tough to relocate. It also depends on what trade your fiancé has and where he will be spending most of his career.<br />
It is not all sad news, some people do thrive in a army environment, and it is like a family. There are a lot of plusses. But if you are the type who must have everything her way (I am not saying you are, you have to ask yourself), then it is not a life for you. <br />
When he walks in and tells you he is posted to say, Fort Drum, NY (middle of nowhere), how will you react? You have to consider this.<br />
Hope this helps. You are still in the early stages though. Give yourself a little time.