Asking For Time Off?

My fiance is in the Army National Guard and he is on orders until April 2011, which means basically he is on call until then to go on random missions, all stateside. When he is not on a mission he will be home. We do not want to wait until he is off this mission in 2011 to get married, but we also don't want to do a quick courthouse wedding because we want to have a the ceremony and all that goes with it. So my question is this ... does anyone know if my soldier is allowed to request for a specific date off so that we can plan for the wedding? Or is he required to go on these missions period? It would be soo helpful to know whether or not we can actually plan for a small wedding, or if we will just have to cave and give up our dream of a wedding and do it courthouse style.

hisbabygirl25 hisbabygirl25
22-25, F
Feb 27, 2010