Why Does It Have To Be This Hard=(

hey everyone..

well I'm nineteen and engaged to the most wonderful man, it all happened so fast. we met at my old crappy job. he was just a random customer that made me smile and happened to ask for my number and incredibly i actually gave it to him. well after that my life completely changed..i fell in love with him in about a month. it happened so fast but it was inevitable.. it felt like it was meant to be. we were both super happy and at the beginning he told me he was joining the army and i didn't really give it much thought cause i didn't think our relationship was gonna go so far but it all changed and even though we were happy he saw everyone getting degrees and he was being left behind because of financial problems so he went and signed the contract..that day he completely disappeared. he didn't tell me where he went and i was worried the whole day. i drove to his house to find out he was signing his contract...he didn't tell me anything about it..i got extremely angry and sad. but i knew he was doing it for his future and mine. we've been going out for six months and engaged two....we spend every waking moment together..we never even got annoyed of each other..it was practically as if we were living together..we grew very attached to one another and even more as his shipping date for bootcamp was getting closer..i remember one of the last days crying in his arms...i really didnt want him to leave..it just hurt so bad thinking about it...he wanted to back out..but in a way i knew he wanted to go anyway he had it planned even before he met me. so i just kept my mouth shut and never told him "dont leave". right now hes in boot camp in Fort Knox and im missing him like crazy. there isn't one day i dont think about him...the first days were the worst ...especially the first day, i cried ALL day. 37 more days till his graduation i really cant wait..i know its gonna be a rollercoaster of emotions but its gonna be the happiest day ..to be in his arms once more...so far im surviving..and this website has really helped me..

reading all those stories can really help you see youre not alone and there are other people who feel the same and are going through the same thing

so thank you everyone for posting all those experiences.

im trying to be strong for him ..and in my worst days those stories help alot.

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aw congratulations!!=D!.i cant wait to get married to mine =) and .i know hes been writting to me and telling me its been snowing alot and its freezing@! and they still make them run in the cold=(..but yeah this experience is making us stronger..keep us updated and how graduation went and everything im sooo curious..i know its gonna be amazing seeying him again =)

my guy is at fort knox right now he graduates on March 11th!! im so excited we are getting married that day too in the court house.. i cant wait im sooo proud of him!!! i was a total wreck when he first left but i grew strong an so did he i knw right now over there is sooo cold im flying out here the 10th an its going to be snowing an raining. so i feel really bad for the men out there but they are all so very strong i hope your time just flys by!! mine did!! good luck!!