I Need Help! Who Is Willing To Let Me Interview Them

About animal testing and abuse? I'm doing a research project for my college English class and need a couple interviews.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Look around. I came across an animal tester by accident, had a nice conversation with him. He also took a pamphlet on veg living. But anyway, you may find some good stuff at PCRM

http://www.pcrm.org I have one of their magazines, and omg.....saddest thing I ever read. Read about what they do to monkeys and such. Are you in college? If you are in college, you may want to see if your college conducts animal testing for research. I know some colleges do. Mine does, but they don't use protected animals where they would actually have to fill out paperwork. It's still awful, but you can look into it and see if you could maybe find someone who can give you a synopsis of what goes on with animal testing. I also consider biology labs animal testing, and I almost just about died when my bio teacher admitted that she conducted animal labs @_@ I gave her some information about alternative methods, so hopefully seh looks over it. I'll check back.

Also, I don't know if you have seen, but there is a book called "Opposing Viewpoints" that I looked at when I was in high school. It dealt with animal testing, and if I recall had quotes and accounts on both sides (of course we all know the NON ANIMAL TESTING, most compassionate side is the way to go.) So check to see if your library has that book or any other book related to animal testing.

If you have time, you can also call or email pcrm.