I Am Nice Usually But I Can Become Straight Up Evil

Usually I am always sweet as can be. People mistake me as being a doormat. They think they can walk all over me because I won't say anything. It's true I let people mess with me because I really don't give a ******* but once they take it too far I will get them back so bad they will never forget my rath lol. I have done some pretty evil **** but I have never done them without being Very angry. So remember the nice kid you always like to mess with will get mad eventually and **** up your life (not kidding) :) thank you xoxo

p.s I don't get VERY angry often (like once a year or two)  so don't think I am like some kind of maniac
hannah4713 hannah4713
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1 Response Aug 9, 2010

What exactly did you do? How evil ? :) I think I pissed off someone a bit, just would like to know what might be the consequences...