Oral Surgery

Sooo I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled in a couple of days and me being deathly afraid of the dentist isn't helping much haha.  I can take the pain afterwards, its DURING the procedure that I'm freaking terrified of.  I am being put to sleep, thank God, I just have a question for all those who were put to sleep for wisdom teeth removal: Did you feel ANYTHING at all during the procedure?? What was it like during??  I can face the discomfort after I think.  But if I feel like anything while it is happening I will freak.
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I know it's been a while. How did the surgery go? I know oral surgeons can do a bit more than regular dentists can...so hopefully you were given someting to help you relax. I too am getting ready to have mine done and am a total baby! I've had a regular molar pulled and that was an odd feeling. Thinking this time I will need a little more of a nudge to get my butt in there and get it done. <br />
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At least for you it is now a distant memory:)

I know the feeling of being afraid to go. I want to go and get my teeth done, but, the pain isn't what bothers me, I have a terrible habit of fidgeting if I think it is going to hurt. Unfortunately, the dentist I go to doesn't give you anything for nervousness. I hope that your visit turns out better than you had expected and I wish the best of luck.

OH and btw...they are all four impacted and he needs to remove bone. WHY ME???