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Hey guys! I am actually 17 years old but I am turning 18 on the 3rd. I have a little sister and an older brother. My sis's name is Carly, my brother is Jack. Jack is 24 (and married) Carly is 14. Anyways. I get spanked all the time. Either by my brother, his wife (Jenny), my friends, my boyfriend and his friends, and myself. (sometimes my mom) This first story is really just an indtroduction. But I take spanking dares and wedgie dares. Just so you know. Thanks. I'll by posting more stories and videos later too.
RedButtocks RedButtocks 18-21, F 11 Responses Nov 1, 2011

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I have oth for u to try on your sis if u up for it add me!

hey young lady how are you are you in need of a real spanking or your lil sister lets chat about spanking soon ok bye

if you are needing to be spanked i would be happy to spank you over my knee lets chat soon about spankings ok bye

I dare you to give more detaled infomation about your spankings.

Sounds like u sure do get alot of spankings

I'd love to spank you too ;) let's chat sometime

Could be fun!

Please submit more stories on this thanks, I'm waitin'!

Wow your brither spanks you and Wow Wow his wife your sister in law spanks you as well? I would like to hear more about her spankings for you

i like your variaty of spankers, dam, your but must be smarting every day, well done!!!, i think?

So do I.

Add me please, I'm interested

happy to see that there are more people out there that will spank when babysitting<br />
proud of you for tht should good understanding of situation<br />
<br />
yes when i was growning up high schoool an college i did spanking dares alot with my friends some times i was very sore some times lucky