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So, I babysit, duh. And there are 3 kids that I babysit. One is 5, (Adam), another is 8, (Judy), and the oldest is 10, (Rex). All of these kids hate being spanked. Their parents, however, told me that if the kidsever did anything bad, fell free to spank them (or wedgie them). I had a devil moment, when I get this wonderfully evil feeling inside and it makes me grin. (like the way Calvin grins from Calvin and Hobbes, an old favorite). The first time, I babysat them, the kids were ok. They pulled the occasional prank but gradually got worse. No wonder no one else would want to babysit them. But I didn't do anything. I let them be bad. The next time they were even worse. Now I had a GREAT reason to spank the life out of them. And that I did. Rex kicked over Judy's block tower wich made Judy mad and push Rex. The blocks fell onto Adam which made him cry. So Judy grabed a blcok and trhew it at Rex, and then there was a block war. I was peacefully trying to read my book and got fed up with the noise. I shouted at them and they stopped for a few seconds before continuing. So, I grabbed Judy and brought her into the next room and closed the door and locked it. She started shouting at me and kicked me. So I spanked her. She was startled. That was all I needed. Then I grabbed her and [inned her down on my knee. Then I pulled off her pants and underwear and spanked her Real hard. She was crying like Adam when I was done with her. Then I pushed her out of the room and she ran crying to Rex and Adam, half naked. I threw her pants and underwear into the washer and grabbed Adam. Adam started bawling and I was annoyed so I put a rag in his mouth to shut him up. Then I pulled down his pants to reveal a diaper! At 5 YEARS OLD!!!! So the diaper was dirty anyways so I put the boy on the floor. I was mad about the dirty diaper. I hate changing diapers. So annoying. So disgusting. I was mad at Adam for having such sticky poop. So I laid the diaper next to Adam and them I put adam's face on the diaper and spanked him. Then I put on a new diaper and sent him out. Rex was harder, he was ten and he had all of the nerf guns he shot everywhere. One hit me in the butt. That made me realy angry. So, I Grabbed him and gave him a bouncing wedgie and a hanging wedgie. Then I spank him hard. Then I taped his butt cheeks together and sent him to his room. Then I told the parents that they were having a block war and throwing blocks everywhere and that Rex shot at me with his nerf guns. They felt so bad and scared when I threatened to not come back. So, they paid me extra and I didn't have to clean up the mess!
RedButtocks RedButtocks 18-21, F 19 Responses Nov 1, 2011

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A wedgie is someone pulling another persons underware up

everything was normal up to taping a kid butt cheeks together like wtf dude?

What is a wedgie? It's an American term I'm not familiar with, I live in the UK.

A wedgie is someone pulling another persons underware up

i agree this is not right why would you do such a thing

Thank goodness someone has a firm hand around there.. Well done.. I would like to hear more of how you discipline.

It's all a game and here for fun-
I guess instead of playing along with EP you spend your time as the truth sherif. So you have time to read and remark as the one who knows all! Nice life

Hmmm BigJohnSpanks, I think your profile is fake and let's just say you are the pot calling the kettle black here.

First off you have poor grammar, you aren't the age you say you are, or just poorly educated. Lay off the caps button! If your teens are spanked for bad grades I feel for them because you must have failed English. I took the liberty of looking at 'many' of your comments on others experiences. You claim to have three teens girls that you spank often eh? If you have to spank your teen that often, guess what? You are doing something very wrong or you get pleasure out of it. I smell lots of BS!

Your only experience posted is that you are looking to meet a good woman and you are going to call out Michman? Hmmm...I guess they are right what they say about everything being bigger in Texas. Obviously *** holes are part of that. You must have a lot of time on your hands. Because a parent of three teen girls that claims are spanked often wouldn't be on here asking to chat it up with young girls and commenting on young girls pics.

Oh and who gives their teenagers maintenance spankings? I read quite a few of your comments and saw that in one of them. If anyone is ******* off on this site is you, not Michman. One thing I will agree with is that this is not a real experience, this site is full of them. But don't be a hypocrite here which clearly you are.

I could use a woman like you to keep me in line!

Sounds like some naughty kids there!

I wood call 911 if I were them!

You should have stripd the girl naked and,spanked her,then put her in a diaper.
As for the boys you should have stripd them spankd them and put them in diapers too...
And then make the girl play with the oldest kids crotch.
And then hang her on a towel rack.


My bro puts my face in poop too Snd it's disgusting Adam I know how it feels

I have babysat for my freinds. I usually ask many questions before undertaking the task of babysitting their little ones. WHAT IS! I am, to do- if your child misbehaves? For me-what is- means tell me: how I am, to discipline or not too. A few parents-Thank, the Good Lord- gave me permission to spank if needed.

lol those child wars are so fun

Wow, you sound really abusive. Be careful how you correct kids because you can definitely get in trouble. If you were my babysitter I would probably be suing you for the abuse. I'm a babysitter too, and I don't hit kids, otherwise I'll be fired. Also, if you don't want to change diapers, you are in the wrong line of work. If you are trying to make an easy buck, don't babysit. You sound really immature. If you want an easy job, be a cab driver. You had no right to spank the kid with the dirty diaper. That is wrong on so many levels and very abusive. Why would you put his poop next to his face? That's mean, he's not a dog. Don't treat him like one. You wouldn't like it if someone did that to you. You really need to get into a different profession besides kids, because you will just go downhill from here.

I totally agree.

100% agreed, and sadly to say, I think she put the poop in his face 😭, like literally we are the only ones that think this is abusive, and put duck tape around Rex's butt?!

You really hit them hard coooooooool

from the attitude in your post, it wouldn't surprise me if you also still get an occasional red bum, would this be accurate?<br />
<br />
By the way i'm assuming since then the kids hav behaved for you.

My brother has these awsome BB guns that he plays with with his mates (the ones that shoot those balls) and me and Jac and Joshy played tag with them so the baby sitter (Caroline) came in and started shouting at us because of the noise. i got scared and shot her hand. it wouldnt usually hurt but i was very close to her. she screamed, grabbed hold of my collar and hit my butt a couple of times. it didnt hurt but when my mom and dad got home we all got the belt for misbehaving and Joshy got extra because he let me play and they were his guns.

I used to babysit when I was younger for a couple who were friends of my parents. They had a girl of 9 and a boy aged 7. When I babysat for them the kids were allways in their nightwear as it was easier for me that way when it came to their bedtime. On many occasions they were unruly and ended up over my knee getting their little bare bottoms spanked.

I usually done it with my hand but a couple of times I did use my slipper on them.

The slipper was a leather one with a hard bottom.

Ha ha! You got those kiddies good